Batman: Arkham City Dev: 'I Don't Think I'm Allowed To Talk About' Campaign DLC

A NeoGAF thread links two pieces of reporting that seem to strongly hint that the Dark Knight's latest video game adventure may be getting extended in the near future.


    Was this twittered in? Contender for shortest article of the month? O_o Could've fit that all in the title surely... holy crap I think my reply was longer! Yep! :D

    Wow! Look at that sentence!
    So much information!

      I think American Kotaku gets paid by the LEAST words used...

    Article title piqued my interest, but then, great sadness.

    It seems the article WAS the title. Didn't need to click this at all...

    I was confused for a moment then - I saw a picture and no article. Then I checked under the image and low and behold a sentence.

    I don't normally get involved in the Kotaku US bashing, but I could fart a better news article than this.

    Australian kotaku: For coming to a great site, reading informative stories, gaining insight into games, the industry and everything you want to know!

    American Kotaku: Linking shit. All day long.

    This article was shorter than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

    The title got me psyched up and excited. The article had less information than the title did...

    Kotaku US articles are actually getting worse as time progresses...

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