Curvy General With A Curvy Figure (GEDDIT?)

If you've played war game Valkyria Chronicles or seen the anime, you probably know Selvaria Bles. She's the part of the game's Empire faction. And like any good Brigadier General, she has good command of her troops and her swimwear.

Bles is Valkyria Chronicles' fan service character — as evident by this figure, which is due out April 2012. It will be priced at ¥9240 or $119 and available for all loyal sons of The Empire.

ついに予約開始 アルター []


    I'd buy one with her clothed... sigh

    I know it's anime styled (the game is great) but goddamn it her head is just too small.

      Well, in proportion to the main body and arms, her head seems to be fine. It's just that neck, those mammaries, and the length of the legs, which throws things out. Ends up just looking ... awkward.

    "Bles is Valkyria Chronicles‘ fan service character"

    No, no she is not. She never even appears outside of military uniform in the game.

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