This Sega Cosplay Just Got A Little Bit Sexy

Crystal Graziano, who we last saw cosplaying as Valkyria Chronicles villain Selvaria Bles, is back again as... Selvaria Bles. Only this time, in a bikini.

While this sounds absurd, swimsuits actually feature in the war drama, so Crystal has a perfectly good excuse for swanning around the recent Anime Conji 2011 in... this.

Valkyria Chronicles was originally a PS3 strategy title, which has spawned two sequels on the PSP, as well as an anime series.

Not all her cosplay work is so...blatant. For some amazing Metal Gear costumes, you should check out her Deviantart page below.

[onpaperwings @ deviantart]

[Anime Conji 2011, Mike Rollerson @ Flickr, via Gamefreaks]


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