She’s Singing The Song, But Hasn’t Played The Game

She’s Singing The Song, But Hasn’t Played The Game

Valkyria Chronicles is a truly interesting video game franchise, which, for one reason or another, has been sold short by Sega in recent years.

The Tokyo-based game company is relegating the PS3 franchise to the PSP, which doesn’t quite give the Valkyria Chronicles the epic vibe it deserves. There is an anime, however, and it’s now in its third season.

Sega roped in singer/voice actress Minami Kuribayashi (pictured) to sing the anime’s new ending song. “I’ve like Valkyria from before,” Kuribayashi tweeted, “and I’m really happy to be connected to the series.”

“I’d also like to check out the game,” she added. Yes, we’re getting to the point where Valkyria Chronicles, a game originally noted for its unique art style and Gears of War influences, is now just an anime.

Oh, there’s also a video game. Wait what, you haven’t played it?

戦場のヴァルキュリア3 誰がための銃瘡 公式サイト [Sega][Pic]


  • I’ve never played the PSP games, so I can’t really comment on their quality… but I really hope they put the next game (if they make one) back on the PS3. It was excellent.

    I was even considering buying a PSP just for the sequel. Maybe the price drop will let me… Though I’d rather not seeing as I just bought a 3DS. 😛

    • Playing the PSP version now.
      In September so 9/12th of the way through & just over 30hrs.
      Visually looks nice and keeps the previous style but obviously not quite as nice as the PS3 version & gameplay wise very similar but lots of smaller missions where you transfer between multiple areas.
      Can be a bit of a grind to win the end of month battle and always seem to get a lower rating/grading than the main months missions.
      Winning some missions by running up to an enemy base, hand grenading one guy so you can capture the base while surrounded by a tank & 3 other enemies is slightly ridiculas, if you had to take a next turn with the same character they would die quick pronto.
      All in all its a buy for me and I will get #3 when it comes out

    • you can get valkyria chronicles 2 on the cheap from, i’ve grabbed 2 copies for under 25 bucks each!

      Just finished Valkyria Chronicles on the ps3 such an epic game

  • It only got one season, this new one is a two ep OVA. And the first one was crap.

    It’s a real shame that SEGA doesn’t push the series harder, or put it back on PS3, since it’s one of the best Sony exclusives out there. And probably the only seriously innovating TRPG.

  • I was disappointed with the first season (didn’t even know there were more than one) mainly because they deviated a bit too much from the game’s story. I guess they were trying to adapt it for TV and gave all the characters annoying flaws. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it at all though. I may as well chase up those next two seasons.

    In terms of the games, very VERY sad the sequels were relegated to the PSP. I just bought myself a PSP and importing the sequel so we’ll see how it goes.

  • “Gears of War influences”

    So, Gears of War invented guns and cover?
    VC has nothing to do with GoW. Seriously, what the hell?

  • The first game recieved an twenty-four(?) episode anime that followed the same basic storyline of the first game. Kind of.

    The third (sadly not-planned-to-be-localized) game now has a two-episode OVA being released, so it’s technically not a “third season”.

    And I have no idea what the second season could possibly be.

    Allegedly the second game is the worst of the three, and not just because it’s on the PSP, but everything points towards the third being far superior to 2, coming close to 1, but sadly it may never see Western shores due to the slow death of the PSP and SEGA’s apathy.

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