WIN! Valkyria Chronicles II PSP Game & DLC

Sega's tactical RPG series arrived on PlayStation Portable this week. Who wants to win a copy and lead a band of schoolkids into war?

Thanks to Sega we have TEN copies of Valkyria Chronicles II on PSP to giveaway, along with TEN codes for the game's first downloadable content, available at launch.

I adored the original Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. The sequel is just as delightful, albeit now in handheld form and boasting a younger cast of characters. It's absolutely something any serious gamer should play.

So how do you win?

As befitting a game as sweet, whimsical and - dare I say - soulful as Valkyria Chronicles, the obvious choice is haiku. Yep, we want you to write a Valkyrian haiku. Leave it in the comments below between now and next Friday. Yes, you've got a whole week this time!

No multiple entries please. Entries close at 4pm Friday September 10. Good luck!

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    United we stand,
    To protect this shaded world,
    BLiTZ the enemy!

    What grade do I get
    For shooting that dumb school bus,
    With my panzerschrek...

    Running in the battlefield
    Together and forever we are united
    Shooting far and wide

    Gallia will fall,
    Pull back the canvas of war,
    Empire let fly!

      Gallia will fall,
      Pull back the canvas of war,
      Now Empire let fly!
      (slight edit, additional syllable)

    Being neutral sucks
    But once this war has ended
    I want to bake bread

    Fight for Europa
    In this portable sequel.
    Give the prize to me.

    Nineteen thirty-five,
    For our freedom we are dying,
    Squad Seven will fight.

    As fast as I can
    Rush for the Imperials
    Yet still, just B rank.

    Flying pork
    Lean, healthy, Delicious
    Its all in the Hans

    Welkin Gunther here,
    Fighting for my friends and Gal-
    Oh cool, a rare bug!

    Visibility is zero,
    As we fight in the desert,
    Hit the dust!

    My friends and foes,
    We all play with life and death,
    Like no other game.

    The Valkyra rise
    Gallia decimated
    Ooo look! A beetle!

    I can't believe it
    Valkyria Chronicles
    On my PSP

    Hiding behind tanks
    Running through enemy fire
    Point blank shots to heads

    Sharp Report, Gunfire
    Wavy Falls, Scout Breaks, Feet Touch
    .. Restart the system.

    New Japanese game!
    With pretty teenage soldiers
    No giant robots?

    This battle though great,
    Its size has no real compare
    To Miss Bles great chest!

    Look behind you, man!
    It's a large tank-like object...
    Oh crap, we are screwed!

    Don't make war, make love.
    We can all live together
    if peace is our goal.

    Galia saved once,
    The fight I would continue,
    Bah I'm out of turns!

    Oh, Alicia dear,
    Welkin's boner was not for you
    Please, take me instead

      I think we have a winner

        Uh. One too many syllables there, bub!

          Oh, Alicia dear,
          Welkin’s boner? not for you
          Please, take me instead

          Now it fits :)

          I knew, but it's still gold :P

    Selvaria Bles,
    here to own squad seven with
    her valkyrur hax.

    Tanks tanks tanks tanks tanks.
    Tanks tanks tanks tanks, it's a scout!
    Scouts scouts scouts scouts scouts.

    Charge across the field,
    Press L to stop the fighting,
    End the soldier's life...

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