Devs: Uncharted 3’s Guns Aren’t Broken, They’re Different

Devs: Uncharted 3’s Guns Aren’t Broken, They’re Different

Now that people are playing Uncharted 3, people are finding that the game’s guns don’t quite work the way they used to. Leading many to head to forums with complaints.

In response to these issues, which concern both how you aim and how your gunfire is represented on-screen, developers Naughty Dog have issued more than a “no comment”. They’ve issued a full-blown technical rundown on Uncharted 3’s shooting mechanics, detailing that the system isn’t broken, it’s just different.

Guns now have more recoil, targeting has changed, enemies move differently and some weapons now have altered accuracy.

If you’ve got the game already and are finding things a little changed, you can read the specifics on the game’s alterations at the link below.

A look at gun mechanics in single-player and multiplayer [Uncharted]


  • i cant wait to play this game! its sitting in my collection waiting but i promised that the only game i will play before i have finished arkham city is skyrim.
    Could anyone tell me roughly how long arkham city is?

    • Arkham City, depending on how focused you are on the story missions, shouldn’t take you too long.

      You can play beyond the end of the storyline, so don’t worry about missing sidemissions. All in all it took me roughly 3-4 evenings of 2-3 hour play periods, so roughly 10 hours give or take. I spent a lot of time on side missions and screwing around with challenge rooms here and there too.

      • yea i find myself often distracted by the ringing phones and trying to figure out riddles but i will try my hardest just to go through the story. can you still roam the city after game completion?

        • Yes, you can play beyond the end of the storyline. It’s at that point where you can freely switch between ‘Bat or Cat’ as they’d described pre-release.

  • Stupid. Im glad im not the only one with this prob..

    Do you know how irritating it is hitting an enemy but the enemy not getting hit?

    I questioned IGN’s 10/10 about 20 minutes into the game when i shot my first bullet. Really annoying, pointless change. 8 hours in, still not used to it.

    Part of the fun on Uncharted 2 was playing through on one-hit kills. Can’t see me even hitting anyone before emptying a clip in Uncharted 3.

    • Sounds like you just suck.
      I’m a PC player and can’t aim for shit on consoles and I was headshotting most enemy with no problems.

  • So is it just not accurate enough anymore? or do bullets do less damage? I’m one of the losers who don’t have it yet… and now I’m worried. What’s wrong with the weapons?

    (the linked site/article is blocked here at work)

    • I’m up to chapter 19 and to be honest, I dont have a problem with the gun mechanics, seem no different to the other two games

  • I was stunned at first, then infuriated at how bad the gunplay is in this game (SO many cheap, frustrating deaths). Seriously, it is beyond frustrating and simply have not adapted to it. Hell, I adapted to Killzone 2’s woeful controls better than i have uncharted 3’s weapon controls.

  • There’s a tiny bit of input lag when aiming for me. Also, there seems to be large deadzones so that your aim tends to always go either horizontal or vertical, but not diagonal. I didn’t have either of these problems in Uncharted 2. These problems aren’t related to shooting mechanics either.

  • I don’t know what people are complaining about. I haven’t noticed anything wrong. I’m doing just fine 🙂

    • Translation: “I’m blissfully unaware of any issues, therefore all you guys must be lying or whinging about nothing.”

      Is that about right?

  • Gunplay in the first two games was terrible. couldnt stand the gunplay in uncharted 1 stopped playing halfway through, it improved a littl ebit in uncharted 2 but was still woeful. Seeing this doesnt surprise me in the least.

    A great combat system is one you dont even notice that you are using it; i.e. Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War and inFamous (though the melee combat in inFamous is a bit hit and miss).

  • I’m loving the game. I can see the gun issue actually once I saw this article. I adjusted my sensitivity which made it easier – but still thought something was off.

    It’s not really affecting the game or the experience for me. Heck ever since I saw that demo in the desert town, I’ve been trying for a more melee experience. Obviously some situations halt this – but it’s fun beating the guys up and mixing it up with some close counter gun combat inbetween./

    My BIGGEST concern is that Chloe’s face has changed a bit. There’s not as much spark in her eyes, literally.

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