Handmade Felt Zelda Shirts For A Good Cause

To celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Lionhead's Lead Character/Creature Artist Jon Eckersley created these Zelda shirts for Lionhead Studio and Andrzej Zamoyski.

You might remember Andrzej Zamoyski from this Kotaku feature. If you have not read it, please do.

Jon, who is responsible for the creatures in the Fable games, painstakingly cut each piece of felt and then glued the tiny squares on the shirt. Each shirt takes three hours to make.

And even though Jon has Skyward Sword to play, he's offered to make 25 more shirts to the first 25 Kotaku readers who want one and are more than happy to donate £25 to Zamoyski's SuperMarrowBros Just Giving site. All proceeds going to improving the lives of those suffering from leukaemia.

The four designs available are Little Heart, Hylian Shield, Boss Key and Link with Heart. Message Andrzej via his Kotaku account. First come, first served! And remember, this Zelda felt is for a very good cause.


    Looks cool, but these things don't wash well.

      they do if you use the right glue. Personally I would've used cotton, hemmed it and then hand sewed it to the shirt, but that's just me.

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