He-Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers Collide In Saturday Morning RPG

Coming soon to iOS-powered devices from the wonderfully named and logo'd Mighty Rabbit Studios, Saturday Morning RPG might be the only turn-based role-playing game in which the protagonist can transform into a truck and ram faux Cobra troopers. Colour me intrigued, but not the official colours so I don't get sued.

Noticing I am somewhat of a big Transformers fan, Mighty Rabbit sent this trailer my way, hoping to gain my attention. Nice try, Mighty Rabbit, but you'll have to do better than that.

I didn't even notice that the game features a full soundtrack composed by Vince DiCola, a name only true first generation Transformers fans and relatives of Vince DiCola will recognise.

For everyone else, Vince was the man behind the instrumental music for the '80s Transformers movie. He's like Stan Bush, only with more keyboards and less singing.

See how many references you can make out in this debut trailer for Saturday Morning RPG, and be sure to check out the article Touch Arcade did on the game to learn more about its hour-long episodic nature.

Look for Saturday Morning RPG to hit iOS in 2012, and Android eventually.


    The mention of Vince DiCola has instantly piqued my interest

    Transformers, Gi Joe *and* Vince DiCola?! Where do I send my money?

    You can Care Bear Stare. Awesome.

      Needs moar Bert stare.

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