Hey Guys, Serious Sam 3: BFE Is Out Right Now

And you thought there weren't any more games coming out before Christmas. Croteam has unleashed Serious Sam 3: BFE upon the somewhat suspicious PC gaming masses, flipping the bird at today's more technical shooters in favour of old school shooting shit all to hell.

It's OK. I forgot it was coming out too. Hell, I didn't even connect BFE with Before First Encounter until five minutes ago. Croteam's big prequel is available right now on Steam for shooter fans tired of taking cover, shooting for five minutes, and then running to the next bit of cover. It's a game where movement and shooting large holes in strange creatures go hand-in-hand, skipping merrily down the block before exploding.

Always with the exploding.


    Damn.. that snuck up. Shows what happens when you get too engrossed in your pile of shame...

    Is this coming to PS3? I've googled and I suspect it is, but I can't see retailers listing it...

    Are any of the usual suspects even selling this in Aus? I couldn't find any mention of it on either the JB Hifi or EB Games websites.

    GAME is stocking it... http://www.game.com.au/serious-sam-3-bfe/playstation-3/SS3BFEPS3

    Been enjoying this. It plays like you'd expect if you've played the others. The new Melee attack seems quite useful especially on some enemies (if they get close that is) rather than a useless gimmick.

    Enjoying it so far.

    this is what happens when a Croatian game developer come together to make a shooter! I think I may grab this sometime soon :)

    I need more of my mates to get it, 2 player just doesn't do it justice. Might be the time of year for a LAN party.

    Where's the xbox version? Need SS3!!

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