Holy Crap, The Assassin's Creed Art Book Is Amazing

The Assassin's Creed series, a long-running favourite here on Fine Art, finally has a coffee table book worthy of its production values with the franchise's fancy encyclopaedia.

I got my hands on a copy today, and while it's not just an art book, the concept and promotional pieces dominating the pages certainly make that the main attraction.

While the project began life as a mere art book, it grew into a full-blown encyclopaedia, complete with historical notes, character bios and in-depth explanations of the series' backstory.

Those picking up the collector's edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations (in Europe and Australia, at least) will get the same black copy featured in the gallery above. If anyone else wants one, you can buy a white version - which features additional content - from Ubisoft's online store.

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    I want this.

    If only shipping to Australia was not more than the cost of the book itself!

      Lol I've got the black edition and the white edition on order at ubisoft.... such a tragic for this stuff :p

      I'm looking forward to flicking through it when I beat the game. It's put together extremely well.

      You do realise that this book is available in the Collector's Edition from EB, don't you?

    I honestly feel like their art is the only thing going for this franchise.

      What game are you playing? Galleon...

    Very good quality book as well as good artwork.

    Got mine with the Animus Edition, its amazing.

    Needs more dragons...

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