Surprise! Assassin's Creed: Revelations Has A Special Edition

You know how I feel about 'Collector's Editions' - I have enough junk gathering dust in my house - but with Assassin's Creed I'm prepared to make an exception. Mostly because I like the game but also because I'm a hypocrite. We now have details on the Assassin's Creed: Revelations Collector's Edition and a spiffing 'Animus Edition'.

The Collector's Edition features:

- A 50 Page Artbook - Assassin's Creed: Revelations Soundtrack - A copy of the animated movie Assassin's Creed: Embers

The Animus Edition features...

- An Assassin's Creed Encyclopaedia - Assassin's Creed: Revelations Soundtrack - A copy of the animated movie Assassin's Creed: Embers

There are also in game extras. Those with the Collector's Edition receive the Ottoman Jester and The Crusader as multiplayer characters, and access to Vlad the Impaler's prison. Those with the Animus Edition get that plus capacity upgrades to your bombs, arrows, etc.

So to recap, boo to in-game upgrades, but a polite nod to cool art books and Assassin's Creed Encyclopaedias.

As soon as we have Australian pricing for these new editions we'll let you know.

AC: Revelations Collector's Ed. detailed [Eurogamer]


    eb were already advertising this a month ago.

    Shut up, take my money, etc.

    Man, pretty much every major release between now and March 2012 has a special edition I want to buy...

    Anyone need a kidney? Bidding starts at 10k, bring your own scalpel.

      Haha, I'm in the same boat.

      Between AC: Revs, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Arkham City, and I'm sure something else I've forgotten... I'm just going to have to tell my wife that I didn't get a tax return this year... :P

        I just preordered the special edition of Gears 3, I also plan to buy:

        - Assassin's Creed Revelations
        - Skyrim
        - Arkham Asylum
        - Mass Effect 3
        - Modern Warfare 3 (I probably won't go Prestige on this one - depends how my finances are towards the end of October)
        - Bioshock Infinite (I haven't seen anything aobut a special eidtion for this but I bet there'll be one)

        There's probably others I'm forgetting too. I'll probably buy the anniversary rerelease of Halo CE, and i'll be amazed if there isn't some special edition of that.

    Bit late Mark (and Eurogamer)

    CE and Animus editions full details have been out for over a month.

    EB have had the Animus edition available for preorder for about the same amount of time. ($128 for 360 and PS3 and $108 for PC)

      JB have the standard CE as their exclusive at $119 for 360 and PS3 and $109 for PC.

    The Animus edition is an EB exclusive and has everything you said above, as well as the brutus armour from Brotherhood in SP:

    The collectors edition is stocked by other retailers such as JB and is supposedly only $10 less.

    However GAME is stocking a third edition called the "Special Edition" which has a special soundtrack (just for this edition), special artwork on the box, Turkish assassin armour for SP, The Ottoman Doctor (exclusive to the special edition at GAME - MP character) and the Crusader MP character. That is $10 less again from the collectors edition at $109:

    I don't think the Animus edition also includes the Art book. Much to my sadness. Though hopefully the Encyclopaedia is detailed. And good. And not crap.

      Also as Aaron noted, EBGames has the Animus edition for $128.

    Ubisoft are the worst at this, but I really wish they would seriously fucking have a COMPLETE addition.

    I know retailers are looking to have their own version, so they can NOT price match stores, etc. But it's sad that publishers are punishing the very people that purchase their games with this bullshit.

    Would like that Artbook and CD Soundtrack, but I can't cause I'm already getting the Animus version, which doesn't include those items.

    Ultimately my beef is with the split content, if one retailer had it all I wouldn't be so concerned, but basically these types of things should follow the below guidelines.

    Vanilla Version
    Flavoured Version + Topping
    Flavoured Version + Topping + Sprinkles + Cherry

    3 SKU's are enough, with the 2nd level good for just ingame unlockables or some free DLC, the highest level is where you get all the trinkets and physical goodies.

      oh man, so tired!

      COMPLETE Edition!!!

      I know they did this with past editions, but I'm fairly certain the Animus Edition includes all the bonuses of the Collector's Edition with ADDITIONAL content, such as the encyclopaedia.

      Based on what I read off the EB website and this article.

        Someone here is saying that the Animus edition include the art book.

          Doh, edit fail. I meant 'doesn't' include. Sorry. What a word to forget. :P

        Animus doesn't get the artbook. It has everything else from the CE though.

        I know Mark has since cleared it up, but the Artbook isn't included.

        The Soundtrack is also a weird one, there is a Soundtrack in the Animus Edition and is noted by EB as "Assassin's Creed Soundtrack". GAME on the other hand note their soundtrack as "Single player theme soundtrack - exclusive to GAME"

        It might be different otherwise GAME wouldn't be stating the Exclusive nature of it, most of the websites are pretty good in making sure they don't advertise something that isn't exclusive.

        So Mark, do me a favour please? When this is released, can you get Ubisoft to send you cartons of Artbooks and potential different soundtracks and send one on to me to add to the Animus version? Cheers! :)

    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. :P
    I preordered the Animus Edition the day I saw it advertised in Game Informer, and hence, got a free T-shirt. Can't wait for the game, and hope the soundtrack covers some of the stuff in AC2 and Brotherhood - those were some awesome tunes.

    I was hoping to get a bit of clarification on if the Animus Encyclopedia contained parts of the Artbook but it looks like that is not the case.

    Time to ebay the artbook if it is any good as I will get getting the Animus Edition. Hopefully pre-ordering a copy tomorrow.

    I can't justify paying $50 or $60 extra just for some pretty artwork and an encyclopedia :(

    Importing it is!

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