Say Hello To Modern Warfare 3's New Multiplayer Matches And Modes In This New Trailer

Activision's 800-lb gorilla FPS franchise gets a lot of its muscle from its multiplayer and this clip shows what'll be different and new in Modern Warfare 3. New modes—like Kill Confirmed, which tasks players to get dog tags of downed opponents—will show up along with the abilities to tweak and share settings into custom modes. What are you going to do in custom modes when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits later this month?

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    Clever game modes are useless without dedicated servers and a server browser. Can anyone tell me if this is going to be like BF3 in this regard?

    (And yes I'm one of those crazy people who likes both franchises)

      Dedis are there but unranked. You have to use IWNet to rank up.

      I'm not even kidding.

        What I don't even...

        This is getting silly.


    On a serious note I can't wait for this to come out so all the rocket spammers and camping snipers get the fuck out of BF3

      Right there with you brother!

      I must be one of the only engineer players that has more kills with their guns rather than rpgs......use them on the friggin tanks people!

      I haven't played BF3, but BF2 was all about the camping snipers. Their not going away, and honestly, its kind of realistic.

      Are rocket spammers as big a problem as I'm hearing - a couple of people have told me the rockets are incredibly one-sided.

    For a game like MW, using IWNet is actually the better option. Not sure if you guys ever played or play much Black Ops, but trying to find a decently populated server that uses game modes outside of TDM or CTF that isn't Nuketown (24/7) is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Plus, the IWNet matchmaking system was never as bad as people made it out to be, it was quick AND easy to get into a game.

      Are you retarded?
      I'm not even going to bother explaining to you why Dedicated servers are superior to P2P in every single way, just because you don't know how to use a fucking server browser.

        Ease up, turbo. Read my post again before you start raging for no reason at all. Damn /btard.

          "For a game like MW, using IWNet is actually the better option."

          For any game, dedicated servers is ALWAYS a better option, giving the host an advantage over everyone else and games lagging every time the host experiences lags is terrible.

          "Not sure if you guys ever played or play much Black Ops, but trying to find a decently populated server that uses game modes outside of TDM or CTF that isn’t Nuketown (24/7) is IMPOSSIBLE."

          You have probably never used 'Filters' before, have you?
          Even though the BO server browser is terrible you can still filter game modes and maps.

          "Plus, the IWNet matchmaking system was never as bad as people made it out to be, it was quick AND easy to get into a game."

          Quick & easy for the first two weeks, but when the player base died down a little I recall waiting 5-10 minutes to form a server, then the host would DC and no one else would be a suitable host so game-over. The constant lag, the constant host drop-outs, go play CS for a bit and realize how server browsers and servers should be implemented in games.

            The most heavily and constantly populated servers are ALL Nuketown 24/7, most of which are TDM, the others are CTF.

            That's what happens when a game like CoD has the dedicated server option. The smallest map where the most points can be farmed will be the only map available on the most populated servers. Even during my time playing BC2 I noticed a large number of Atacama Desert (at best it was Atacama + Heavy Metal) only servers. Something about military shooters and dedicater servers seems to always result in so little variety. But when it's a system like IWNet? You get all the maps, you can always find a game for any game mode.

            Also, I'm well aware of filters and I can easily use a server browser, my most played shooter is TF2.

            Also, if you had issues after only two weeks then that's probably an issue on your end. I've only experienced 5-10 minute waits in the last few months prior to that it's been a year and a half of simply jumping straight into a game in under a minute or two (including load times).

            As for lag, or hosts dropping out. I rarely encountered that and have only had a handful of games drop out completely where as most of the time another player becomes host and every thing is peachy keen again.

    This looks.... alright. But not very interesting. The new modes in Black Ops had some imagination to them.... these new modes just look very.... meh. Collecting dog tags? Holding a flag? That's not terribly exciting.

    I'll probably still buy it, but I really, really hope the next Call of Duty game will be substantially different. Most of us are becoming less and less excited with every new CoD release. I think this is the last time they can get away with more-or-less the same formula.

      My experience with Black Ops was quite disappointing. I kept getting drop outs from lobbies, connecting issues with friends, server migration drop outs mid game.

      If they fix that crap (and it's not treyarch, so it might be better) I have high hopes. I really enjoyed MW2 for the most part, so this is looking alright.

    This is the SAME GAME AS MW2!, im not paying $80 for 2 new game modes, this is a joke, the people who walked away from inifinity ward after the law suit buisness were clearly the heart of the game, and now the team has nothing to offer. Im so dissapointed that this game will problblaly sell more than bf3 just beacuse of marketing hype and not the game itself

    wow......those guns have almost no recoil compared to BF3......


      yeah I noticed that too, most of the shots in the video, whoever was playing was just holding the gun on full auto, and still hitting almost all of the shots...

    If they changed up the look and feel (new game engine) then I might be interested in buying another CoD till such time I will be sticking with BF3 on my xbox 360.

    I was trying to give it a go after watching all the trailers and gameplay, I just cant bring myself to actually buy this CoD.

    Collect dog tags was how Crysis 2 worked ( not sure about Crysis 1). I just hope that they do away with that stupid voice over "kill confirmed" I know i got it, I just ran over a pair of giant glowing tags!

    The flag thing sounds inventive at least. Does force the action to stay centred in a wierd way. And does away with CTF route camping. Will need to see how it plays out.

    Can't trust the footage for actual recoil etc. That stuff is easily tweeked, and they probably set them to pretty easy in their testing to accelerate the combat, make it easier to actually get kills and highlight where bottlenecks are, etc. I think.

      I just hope they have more than one voice for repetitive actions. The exact same noises for things you do hundreds of times get very boring very quickly. Just have a couple of different renditions of the lines like "We've got the flag" "Capturing B" would add so much.

      The CTF game mode is not new just a different version of a Halo game mode were your team must hold onto a skull for as long as possible.

    Wow those dog tags look terrible.. BF3's way of collecting tags is far superior..

    so glad i switched from cod to bf3.. no turning back after seeing this.. 2 game modes? gtfo..

      You are obviously blinded by your love of BF3 to notice that the dog tag system in the two games are completely different and not comparable.

    Was anybody else annoyed at the "KILL CONFIRMEDDDDLDLDLD!"

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