Simpsons! Simpsons Arcade Here! Who's Ready?!

A listing with Australia's Classification Board says The Simpsons, the fondly remembered arcade beat-em-up, is coming soon to modern platforms.

The certificate says that Backbone Entertainment, linked to SEGA ports, is handling the game, to be published by Konami. Konami handled another port of a revered arcade brawler last year, X-Men.

The Simpsons Arcade likely coming to consoles [Destructoid]


    My mind exploded when I saw this news yesterday. The idea of being able to play this online coop without having to worry about money is delicious.

    ON that note I remember playing this in arcades when it came out, two credits for $1, five credits for $2. Yikes things have changed.

    Beating dudes with Marge's vacuum cleaner = cherished childhood memory

    The childhood memories are cherished. But playing it again today (even in an actual arcade with friends) it kind of drags on and is boring.

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