Reader Review: The Simpsons Arcade

Reader Review: The Simpsons Arcade

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This review was submitted by Joshua Marlow. If you’ve played The Simpsons Arcade on iPhone, or just want to ask Joshua more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Simpson’s Arcade (iPhone)

A nifty little game filled with fun, action and nostalgia.


The Control Scheme: The game is easy to control, with a basic arcade stick and two buttons, and also doesn’t block the screen with them or have you blocking it.

The Graphics: No doubt about it, there is brilliant Simpsons artwork in game. The cutscenes may not be TV-grade, but they capture the feeling of the old arcade game while the game itself feels like the show.

The Story: It’s a very nice original story for the game, but still with subtle hints to the classic arcade game.

Arcade Feel: It really feels like an arcade game! The power-ups, crates, and the screen really complete the feel of playing in a video game arcade.


The Minigames: All three types of minigames had some kind of problem, large or small. The Donut Dreams game is fun, but nearly impossible to actually get the second life. The Inflato-Head game may be a nice rejig of the original minigame, but the buttons needed to have been different to the ones for normal controls – ie. further apart. As for the Running minigames… the hounds one is fun and complete, but the bulls one has you dodging things which you can’t see until very late and take half your health away

Cutscene Collection: The lack of a feature to watch ‘unlocked’ cutscenes is a hassle. Firstly, to watch the ending cutscene, you must beat the level again. Fair enough. To watch the opening movie, though, you have to create a new game, seemingly deleting saved progress. I didn’t dare try it, but the very fact I didn’t mean the system is, at the least, unclear.

It’s got a few bugs, but definitely worth the price for a Simpson’s or an Arcade fan.

Reviewed by: Joshua Marlow

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