Who Wrote The Best Review In May?

Every month we publish your reader reviews. And every month we award a prize pack for the best review we publish. Let’s find out who won for May.

But first, what’s that prize? Thanks to the very kind chaps at Madman Entertainment, purveyor of all kinds of cool, indie and esoteric film, the best reader review we publish each month will win a prize pack containing ten of the latest Madman DVD and/or Blu-ray releases.

All you have to do is send your review to us at the usual address. Make sure it’s written in the standard format and in under 500 words. We’ll publish the best ones we get and the best of the month will win a Madman prize pack. Every review published between May 1 and May 31 was eligible for this month’s prize draw.

So, our May winner is...

Jon Phillips!

Jon reviewed Super Mario Bros., Nintendo's amazing new retro platformer for Wii's Virtual Console. You can read his and everyone else’s reviews via the links below.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City by Liam Gibbons The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom by Jenn Christodoulou God of War III by Andrew Leong Street Fighter IV iPhone by Corey Lee Mass Effect 2 by Dean Henderson Bayonetta by Jared Araniego Super Mario Bros. by Jon Phillips 119 Team Fortress 2 Updates by Steven Bogos Super Street Fighter IV by Corey Lee Super Street Fighter IV by Norman Vo Just Cause 2 by Bradley Winton Order of War Mouse Pad by Ben Abraham Metro 2033 by Brendan Keogh Alan Wake by Justin Robson Red Dead Redemption by Zachary Hull Alan Wake by Matthew Welch Red Dead Redemption by Joshua Shuvalov Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by Steven Pickstone


    Congrats Jon, you wrote an awesome review!

    Awesome, Congrats Jon! A highly deserving winner, 'twas very funny indeed.

    Awesome effort mate! Much deserved :)

    Very cool! Thanks for the compliments guys. This totally lightened up my day.

    Thanks heaps to Kotaku and Madman Entertainment too!

    I knew you'd win Jon. Great job. :)

    Congrats Jon.
    Your review was entertaining :)

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