Skyrim Lands 50 Perfect Reviews, Will Earn More Than $450m At Launch

Skyrim Lands 50 Perfect Reviews, Will Earn More Than $450m At Launch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim garnered more than 50 perfect reviews and it looks like it also sold a boatload of copies, but it’s a little hard to pinpoint exactly how much money the massive fantasy role-playing game has brought in so far.

The press release says that they expect that the game will generate more than $US450 million in global retail sales at launch. They also tell us they shipped seven million copies worldwide. Also, and stay with me here, half of the game’s “launch units” were sold in the first 48 hours and the studio says it is swamped for large reorders. The final number: Skyrim set a record on Steam with more than 280,000 concurrent players.

What’s that all mean? Well, that Skyrim probably sold a ton of games, and will likely continue to sell a ton of games. How many is a ton? This is far too close to computing the speed of approaching trains for me to figure that out.


  • From what I understand, it’s an awesome game, and I’ll be picking it up soon-ish. Can’t wait.

    However, 50 perfect reviews? Seriously? It’s almost every day since launch that we’ve see a texture, UI, or console-crashing bug/oversight story on Kotaku itself about the game. The console bug being one that happened in previous games by the publisher is the most astounding.

    So my point is: What does “perfect” mean anymore if these issues are overlooked? Are reviewers given unfinished games and expected to review them through the lense of “these issues will all be fixed at release”? What happens when they’re then not fixed?

    Again, I think it looks like an awesome and fun game, but how can it get so many perfects and so many people apparently overlooking UI, graphic, engine, and AI flaws?

    • Reviewers give perfect or near-perfect scores left, right and center because they either:

      a) Are paid off by the publisher (like with Call of Duty)
      or b) Give it at least a 9/10 purely because of the hype (which is what happens to 80% of other games)

      Its skewed people’s perception of what a good game these days is. On one hand, you have a great game like Skyrim getting at least a 9/10, and a terrible game like RAGE or getting around an 8/10. Any game that gets under an 8/10 is immediately written off.

      Go back 10 years ago, and a game that was scored around 6 or 7/10 was still regarded as decent.

      • It has lots more flaws then most games, but given how much it does (and succeeds) it’s very forgivable.

        If any game shows the stupidity of current reviewing trends its Skyrim, because it CLEARLY has flaws but is also as good as or better than a lot of other “perfect” games. So what are you going to do? If you give Uncharted a 10 and Skyrim is a better game (arguably) then what do you do if one has massive scope and some bugs? Do you give it a 7 and say it’s the best fucking game ever made?

        • Skyrim is such a compelling experience that its flaws get downgraded from ‘irritations’ to ‘quirks’. It’s greatest achievement is that it is far greater than the sum of its occasionally flawed parts.

      • Maybe they should take a look at Hyper>> scoring system, considering they’ve been in the game industry since 1993;

        1 – Worthless, just dont bother.
        2 – Awful, a waste of time.
        3 – A failure in many areas.
        4 – Below the bar in most respects.
        5 – Average, an example of mediocrity.
        6 – Good, but could be better.
        7 – Very good, but with a few niggles.
        8 – Highly rated, a fine game.
        9 – Excellence in pixels.
        10 – A master-piece, a must-buy, a future classic.

      • Actually they are probably giving it perfect reviews because these so called glitches and problems are not present on the PC version (unless your PC is crap)

        that being said i would only give it 8/10 because its absolutely epic but the melee combat feels awkward 🙁

        • The issue is largly that people who read review are (by nature) people who love games.

          Part of this love includes the excitement and anticipation of an upcoming release. Nerds love to get excited about upcoming releases!

          Say Uncharted was given a review of 8, and that was brilliant and an average game (say Need for Speed) was given a 4 or 5 on average.
          Would you be as excited for Uncharted if it only got an 8, even it by comparison to it’s peers it was still clearly better?

          Probably not, even though it’s to scale nerds will still want to get excited about a game that’s “near perfect” or “perfect” even though that ridiculous.
          The fact that the audience is essentially salivating fanboys means that they WANT these games to get a high score, and when you run a medium that’s based on customers you kinda have to give them what they want.

  • I’ve been reading a lot lately on the UI for PC (or the UI in general)
    What gives? Is this game really that good…yet still manages a garbage UI?

    Maybe I’ll wait for a steam special and some UI mods.

    • The new user interface is very different. Its different to previous TES games, but personally I kind of like how organised the inventory is compared to Oblivion. Not being able to see your character is pretty crap though, there should have been an option for that.

      The new map can become cluttered alot and the skills screen is a bit silly to navigate, especially when you’re trying to spend perks.

      I’ve heard that the UI problems are a bit worse on PC than console (correct me if I’m wrong).

      • The UI is clean. It could’ve been brilliant.

        However, it lacks basic neccessary information, has counter-intuitive nesting, has ridiculous under-usage of screen real estate and doesn’t have a consistent usage pattern for selection of options. Add to that the awfully implemented mouse interface that simply doesn’t work half of the time and you’ve got an awful, awful UI that with just a few changes could’ve been brilliant.

        Oh and to see what particular perks do requires up to 11 button presses. ELEVEN. Just to see what it does. Ridiculous.

        • Not exactly sure what you’re referring to by “the mouse interface doesn’t work half the time”, but if you’re referring to the fact that the active zone of the mouse doesn’t correspond exactly where the mouse cursor currently is, you can fix this by turning off the Xbox 360 controller option in the settings.

  • i dont know what all the fuss is about, sure the UI isnt great but i its functional and i would still give the game 10/10 the UI for me compared to the whole game is only a -.1 or -.2. which is probably what a lot of reviewers are looking at.

  • The point is that the game is great despite the bugs and UI complaints. Most acknowledge their presence, but award the game a perfect score because it is truly superb compared to any game released today. Go back and check out some of the games that have received perfect scores in the past. Many have their faults, but at the time were considered to be superior to games of the day for some reason. No game is perfect, but they can achieve a perfect score because overall, they enchant us, and set a standard for others in the industry to try and achieve.

  • The only things I find frustrating about the UI is the level up window (how clicking helps you navigate the skills panel seems random at best), that and sometimes when scrolling through items, you will click on and item and it will open up completely different item.

    It is like the actually selected item is defined in some other way to the mouse. It’s really confusing.

  • Could it be that the generally accepted rating system is out dated?
    Maybe we (as gamers) don’t hold that 10 in such high esteem any more.
    Games are constantly trying to push new boundaries and raise the bar, could it be that the rating bar needs to be raised too?

    I myself don’t pay attention to ratings any more, I prefer to listen to what my gaming peers have to say…for me personally, that is a much better barometer for deciding if a game will suit my tastes or not. So far it’s worked pretty good.

  • Just like with Oblivion, and now for Skryim, I missed the UI system from Morrowind… Hopefully some talented modders will come to our rescue on that front… but other than that minor gripe I’d say this game deserves all this and more.

    Must have more.

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