Skyrim Now Has Google Street View

The latest Elder Scrolls game hasn't even been out for two weeks and already hordes of modders are hard at work on the game. While most of the tweaks produced so far as cosmetic, here's one that's not only useful, but beautiful.

It's called the UberMap, and turns the rather static map present in the game into something you can pan, scroll and even zoom around in. While only the area around the player is loaded in full detail, it's still an awesome mod, because not only does it look cool, but it can really help plot a course through wilderness areas where the regular map isn't much help.

While we're on the subject, I'll be putting a list of the best mods together in the next day or two. If anyone has any favourites, be sure to drop em in the comments below.

Map in full 3D [Skyrim Nexus]


    How are people making these mods without the Creation Kit?

      This isn't even a mod really it's just an .ini file tweak

    Seems cool, noticed the water isn't moving in the video. The more you know....

      That's because the game is paused when you're in the map.

    This sort of thing is one of the only reasons I regret buying it on the xbox.

      This sort of thing makes me look at my bank account and realise even if I got it on PC I couldn't afford a kick ass PC.

        It's not the cost for me (well, that is part of it), it's more about having to keep upgrading... and updating software too.

        I love the plug and play aspect of consoles, but I do miss the mods and console commands, and flight simulators.

          i got the xbox version just because once i found out how to work the console commands in PC oblivion the game was just ruined for me. i could just summon the best armor and weapons, infinite gold and reach level 100 straight away.

          PC is definately the best way to play, but just having that option of being able to cheat whenever you want completely removes the immersion

            I don't think it removes the immersion at all. In fact, it increases it's future replayability when you think you've done almost everything. The console also helps to fix bugs or glitches here or there if you know what to put into the console.

            It's not like the temptation to abuse it isn't there, but saying that even having the option to sue the console removes immersion probably isn't the best way to put it.

      this is the only reason i regret buying it on ps3... actually... i don't regret buying it at all! the game doesn't need mods to be good, unlike Oblivion. I am also a PC gamer and so graphics mean everything to me, and i am still happy with the console version, it looks practically the same to me.

    This is a great mod. Shame console Dunmer's like myself won't get anything like this or other awesome improvements.

    Although, as irritating as the map is, it would spoil some of the mystery.

    I sort of went Arrrggghhh!
    How could you do that to this beutifully crafted experience.
    I LIKE the fact that it's hard to get to places, immersion is killed for me with this tweak.
    Currently, you use a map, just as you would if you were actually in that world.
    I looked very hard, and I couldn't see a potion of minor GPS built in with the game... maybe for a reason. :)

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