Skyward Sword Running On PC Looks Gorgeous

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is beautiful on the Wii, but more because of the game's art direction than the console's technical horsepower.

Enter the PC emulating community, who now bring us the game running on the "Dolphin" emulator to show what it can really do.

The screenshots below compare the Wii version of Skyward Sword with the emulated PC version, in all of its high-resolution glory. It must be said that the still images don't do the Wii version justice, as it looks much better in motion. One would think, though, that the same applies to the Dolphin version, so take the comparison with a grain of salt.

Skyward Sword Wii:

Skyward Sword PC:

Skyward Sword Stunning PC Screenshots Surface [Gameranx]


    Fuck nintendo for not having upscaling on their games. Shots like this PROVE that their games can be output at 720p, but they cheaped out of putting it in the box.

      Uhh, no. No it doesn't.
      Shots like this prove that the Dolphin emulator is an amazing feat of software engineering. To upscale games, Dolphin re-renders them, using resources from a PC, most of which are higher grade than any console.

      The Wii can't do this. This is just Dolphin re-rendering the images at a higher resolution.

      No Steven. Nintendo is just proving that they don't need HD graphics. When the Wii first came out, despite being an SD console it hammered the PS3 and 360 in sales because it was about the games.

        Which is why the attachment rate is so high. Everyone who has a Wii buys 10 awesome games a year.
        Games are better on the other consoles, and this year has proved it.

        We gave Nintendo the world and they've given us $hit all. It's not good business.

          You're taking the piss.. everyone who owns a wii buys 10 games a year, really?

          Everyone I know with a wii uses it as a door stop. I packed mine away a year ago and haven't given it a thought since..

    Meh, looks about the same to me.
    But comparisons work best when the same screen shot is used for both systems

    Yeah, can't really tell the difference.
    I do believe you have to have the same screenshot for both systems, otherwise the difference could simply be location, rather than any improvement.

    The difference with Dolphin is pretty much anti-aliasing (which you can see by comparing these shots, even though they're not of the same locations) but it does make the games look EXTREMELY pretty!

    I can't believe Nintendo has said they won't put some sort of upscaling feature on the Wii U. Games like Super Mario Galaxy look incredible without jaggies everywhere.

      It's not the AA that makes these screens look good. In fact, AA actually breaks the graphics in the current working version of Dolphin. It's the increased resolution. From 480p to 1080p makes the massive difference.

    Who gives a rats about how it looks...JUST GIVE ME THE GODDAM GAME ALREADY!!!

      My thoughts exactly. It's about gameplay, not detail in the pixels.

      At the end of the day, graphics is the icing on the gaming cake. No matter how much icing you put on, one is going to forget about it if the filling is stale corn chips and "I can't belive it's not butter."

        Maybe for you graphics don't matter. For me, playing a Wii game on a 59 inch tv IS a problem. The resolution is SO LOW that it actually is a distraction. On Dolphin, the graphical problems get out of the way and you are playing a beautiful game. Anyone who says that it doesn't matter is either lying to themselves or they haven't been in a situation where the low resolution of the Wii is distracting.

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