So, Is This How You Troll Dual Thumbsticks?

For years now, gamers have been saying that the PSP's Achilles Heel was the single circle pad. Sony is on the verge of releasing the PS Vita, which sports dual thumbsticks. And gamers are still bitching.

A Japanese gamer checked out the Vita at an in-store promotion noting that there is a severe space dearth between the buttons and the right thumbstick — ditto, for the left.

In the above photo, you can see the comparison between the the thumbstick and the buttons on a console controle (here, third party; middle image), and the same on the PS Vita.

The Japanese internet was awash with people predicting the Vita's doom, while others said these were simply fat thumbs.

One commenter cleverly pointed out the obvious: There's ain't much space between the buttons on the DualShock 3, the PS3's controller, and the right thumbstick.

In my play experience (and Luke's, for that matter), I don't ever remember the thumbsticks getting in the way or their proximity to the face buttons being a problem.

But look at that DualShock 3 layout. How will we ever play the PS3?! That thumbstick is so close!


VITAのボタン干渉問題がマジだった [オレ的ゲーム速報]


    I've never held a Sony controller I've found comfortable. That being said, ergonomically speaking, they murder the N64's alien device.

      Lots of people are very vocal about that. I hope Sony don't change the design just to appease them.

      I find the PS controller fits my hand absolutely perfectly. I don't try and grip it with my palms, it sits in my fingers and feels fantastic.

      I don't like the Xbox controller. I dislike the stick location and the assumption that I should be gripping it with my whole hand.

      Different strokes for different folks, and I'm glad that we can all find a device that we feel is perfectly laid out.

        Absolutely 100% Badger. I however don't mind the 360 controller, if they made it slightly smaller then it would be fine.

    Jordaan why do you have only one eye? Are you an awesome pirate or did someone poke you in the eye?

    When will Sony finally open their ears to the cries of our enormously thumbed brothers and sisters!?

      Because Japanese have small hands.. To them it's perfect... So good luck big thumbed dude.

      Xbox 360 controller is just plain bliss. Ps3 control needs a make over definitely

    Bring back the boomerang!

    I quite liked the DualShock but I gotta tell you - the first time I held an Xbox 360 controller I was sold - it has nothing to do with the size either - but rather the triggers which are solid and you can clearly differentiate between the triggers and bumpers by feel, I always got confused over L1, L2, L3 etc, this (more than the size or stick layout) is what they need to change on DualShock

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