Stephen Colbert Tells A Bedtime Story Worthy Of Skyrim

Last night on The Report, Stephen Colbert ran his usual gamut of topical issues, from Ron Paul to movie torture to Occupy Wall Street pepper sprayings. But just before he signed off at the end of the show, he told a little bedtime story that Skyrim would surely appreciate.

The story stars a prince named "Dragon" and a dragon named "Wizard," and in it… they… well, it's actually kind of hard to tell the story. I'll just let Stephen do it.

All this makes me wonder if Colbert is playing any Skyrim, and if he is, what he thinks of it. Also, it makes me want to go rename my own Dovahkiin "Dragon," just to make things a little bit more confusing.

Thanks to Llamar for the tip.

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    Thanks for the story ... sounds great. I can't wait to see it (clicks on links) Wrong Location...US Only Playback of Video?.... humph....>:(

    Aww thats sad . I got playback.
    Good story Steve.

    Would be nice if I could actually watch the video..

    Worked for me in Australia. Kinda funny vid too. I wish I could see more of this show to see if it is any good.

      I love the show; the show's usually funnier than this, but I did like this bit.

    lol, its true skyrim naming is pretty much confusing.

    That story was awesome!

    HA! That was awesome.

    Funny, as is everything Colbet does but no, I don't Skyrim can be given credit for inspiration behind EVERY dragon reference that occurs in the media.

    So, this had nothing to do with Skyrim at all...

    *sigh* You're lucky I like Stephen Colbert.

    Video doesn't work in Opera, worked in FF. There seems to be a class of videos hosted on Kotaku that never seem to work in Opera that I have to open FF for, and even then the link from this vid to gaming was pretty tenuous.

    You're lucky I like Stephen Colbert

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