Watch Stephen Colbert Do His Goofiest Dance Yet

It's very, very difficult not to dance to the "Lum King" music that plays at certain points in Rayman Origins. Those saxophones! That guiro!

Stephen Colbert agrees, or at least… he likes to dance. So, OK, yes, this video mashup is totally silly, but also delightful. It makes me want to both play Rayman Origins and watch The Colbert Report.

Two things that I want to do already, as it happens...


    Nope Daily Show/Colbert Report are blocked for australia so they can charge ppl on itunes to watch it.

    1. Not games
    2. Not news
    3. Not funny


    ....Only Dork Hamilton.

    This article WAS for KotakuUS.. just saying
    Probably could've filtered this one out of KotakuAU on account of the attached media not working

    nice link...

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