Stephen Colbert Points Out How Absurd It Is To Blame Video Games For Violence

Stephen Colbert adds some much-needed levity to the conversation about violent video games, which has gone national in a big way following US vice president Joe Biden's meeting with the games industry last week.

And really, who among us doesn't look back and sigh when we think back to the good old days, when we all played SimCity and then immediately joined a gang of roving urban planners? The '90s were pretty weird.


    I should probably watch yesterdays episode! I forgot about it.

    If Stephen Colbert is a part of anything, you can be sure that hilarity follows. He can even manage to make a piece of ham hilarious.

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    I wonder if the NRA realise EVERYONE is laughing at them.

      Probably not since everyone's doing it at a safe distance. We know games are bad, but they made a game, so that's probably made them even violent and want to shoot things!

        you're an idiot if you think games are bad...

      I wonder if Americans realise EVERYONE is laughing at them.***

      Fixed that for you.

    Stephen Colbert and Seth MacFarlane remind us that not all american people and television are/is terrible.
    I'm not having a go at Americans here either, I think they cop more than they deserve.

    **EDIT 2**
    I am having a go at American TV though, it's gone to absolute shit.

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      And Australian TV is better how, exactly?

        Commercial Australian TV is worse. At least there's some decent American shows.

          Isn't commercial Australian TV mostly American shows? Especially channel 11...

            Mostly, but I meant Australian produced shows. As in "The Shire", "Being Lara Bingle", "Useless talent show".

              You mean the aussie version of "Jersey Shore", "The Simple Life" and "America's Got Talent"?

              I think it's more accurate to say television has gone to shit

        He's right besides Home & Away and Neighbours we got nothing where's the cop show or hospitial drama?

        Aus TV does too much reality TV, I don't want to renovate and I'm sick of Master Chef before it even starts, My dancing makes Peter Garret look talented by comparrison (dancing only) and I got a singing voice perfect for Silent Movies.

        What the hell Australian is there to on TV? The best fiction we got left is Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

          i miss blue heelers and water rats...along with fast forward and full frontal

        Everybody is quick to get excited on here.

        Australian TV has always been shit.

      I find Seth MacFarlane's shows pretty terrible.

      I'll concede that Family Guy was funny and 'fresh' in it's early seasons but it outstayed it's welcome and went to shit like the Simpsons.

      American Dad is an irritating, drawn-out joke about the obviously flawed concept of 'American Exceptionalism'.

      As for The Cleveland Show... An increasingly-old-running-gag of a character on one show doesn't warrant it's own spin off series.

    Bring back 'The Panel'! They were at least funny and not as heavy pocketed by fundamentalists, etc as say the 'Project'. Hell, I'd even settle for Good News Week, although it remains mostly but a shadow of the former ghost of its former self. Nothing beat Hessies Shed, or the (90's era) Mick Molloy Show for that matter. Ok now I am just being self-indulgent!

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