Style Alert: Bayonetta's Costume Designer Made These Soulcalibur V Looks

For a bunch of itinerant warriors chasing after a sentient, demonic weapon all over the medieval world, the characters of Namco's Soulcalibur franchise have always looked exceptionally striking. There's been lots of layers and detailing to the outfits that Taki, Cervantes and Xianghua have rocked over the years. Maybe even appliqué, too? Well, that's all about to get even more fashion-forward in the series' next chapter with the addition of designer Mari Shimazaki.

Shimazaki previously worked at Platinum Games where she did a ton of work on Bayonetta, which can be seen here. While it's not clear how in-depth her involvement with Namco's Team Soul is going to be, the fruits of her labour can be seen above. The three designs shown are alternate looks for Ivy and Tira, along with the main design for Leixia, the daughter of Xianghua who was featured in the recent clip that our own Mike Fahey posted. (To see the designs in their full glory, mouse over the image and click on expand in the lower right hand corner.) Shimazaki worked on the visually stunning Okami as well, so here's hoping we'll get to see even more of her razor-sharp stylings when Soulcalibur V hits next January.


    Wow, those outfits are lavish! Rather than exploiting sexuality with microscopic outfits these use the Theiss theory of titillation with aplomb. Ivy straddles sexy and demure! And those chiffon harem shorts! AMAZE!

      all i hear is smug,

      outfits are woefull... ivy looks terrible... she is supposed to be as skanky as possible not that i care but thats the character irrelevant to how old she is, clearly she hasnt aged since the last game otherwise she would be about 70+


    Really liking Ivy's look, it's dare I say it, tastefully revealing. Some lovely concept art too.
    @Daniel there's an explanation for why she looks the same, it's pretty lulzy, but then SC is a fighting game, the fact the explained it at all is more than they needed to.

    Character creation mode = soft pr0n creation mode. Can't wait.

    I think that's the most covered up i've ever seen Ivy, yet she's sexier than ever :P

    I definitely would like to see more guest artists design costumes, particularly manga artists Lars' alternate costume designed be Masashi Kishimoto was absolutely amazing!

      Mine is a female eprhasd also I keep hoping an easy way to get her on a wallpaper or poster (in lieu of generic man eprhasd) will pop up!I agree with the customization making the game feel much more personal. This style of gaming reminds me of those goosebumps choose-your-ending books Like the attack of the beastly babysitter, etc. Only this is so much better!

    Well at least Ivy's bust didn't double/triple in size again.

    Looking forward to Character Creation mode the most tho :)

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