The Most Disgusting Thing Square Enix Has Ever Done

Square Enix, the studio behind role-playing games Dragon Enix and Final Fantasy, is allowing one of its most iconic characters, a Dragon Quest Slime, to be sold as a meat bun.

The results are horrific and disgusting.

Back in September, Japanese television clued me into the fact that, no, I do not want to put this blue food in my body.

Priced at ¥170 (US$2.18) the Slime meat buns go on sale in Japan today, grossing out Dragon Quest fans across the country.

スライム肉まん【11月29日発売】 [YouTube]


    Isn't it Dragon Quest not Dragon Enix

      Pretty sure it's Square Quest and Final Slime.

        Don't worry, you're in Bashcraft country now. Proofreading is a luxury

    I mean they look kinda weird, but it's like St Patricks Day green beer or green pancakes - it would probably taste the same. Right?

    sure looks tasty

    Do they scream when you bite into them?

    Meat buns are delicious, and you are basing an entire argument on the colour. We take our journalism seriously here! <-------- Pacman

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