Look At This Dragon Quest Slime Controller For The Switch

Just like they did with the PS4 back in 2017, Square Enix is releasing a Dragon Quest slime controller for the Nintendo Switch, and everything about it is perfect.

Due out in September, it’s a fully-functioning Switch Pro controller, with triggers, thumbsticks, motion controls, the works. Only it’s also a giant rubber-coated blue slime from Dragon Quest, and is ridiculously over-sized for a control pad.

It even includes a cardboard stand so you can dress your Switch up like a Dragon Quest treasure chest.

Honestly, this should just come standard with every Switch sold.


    Oh gawd, look at the unwieldy piece of nonsense.....I must have it.

    On a weirder note, I wouldn't want to see my reflection when using it, rubbing my thumbs all over its undercarriage while it grins at me, vibrating when I hit the right buttons.

    Oh my it is glorious. I want it for display in my gaming room.

      That's good because it want's to be in your house too.. late at night with the lights off

    Oh my god it actually has the motion controls. I'm both happy and annoyed that I may have to get it now.

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