Transforming A Nintendo 64 Into A Portable

There aren't instructions here, not unless you're really good at figuring out what's going on in a bunch of images. But it's still fascinating to watch a Nintendo 64 get picked apart and then pieced back together again as a portable.

And what's the game in the slot when it's done? Goldeneye of course!



    I think when I take my holidays over Christmas I need to scour ebay for another n64 and try my hand at making one of these.

    One word - Magic. I won't be pulling my own N64 apart for this but I'll certainly consider getting one cheap and rebuilding it.

    Well, Since I have 2 of these, why not.

    Wow. Just.... wow. Reminds me of the Sega Nomad (check it out if you think this is cool). This is the best thing I've seen in ages. For a full 3 minutes I forgot entirely about Skyrim and Skyward Sword. Now they're back.

    holy shit mother of god i want one

    Although not the same one (then again, there have been countless N64 portable mods) I found that this iNto64 was pretty cool since the guy has actually put together a heap of videos on how to build it;

    Im going to do this as soon as i find another N64 to open up.

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