Alex Kidd Is All Alone In Melbourne...

Marco Boncordo, from Melbourne, used to work in the city eight years ago. Back then, on Orr Street, there was an incredible piece of grafitti art featuring all of SEGA's popular mascots. Now, as Alex Kidd is all alone on a bleached white wall, almost as if everyone else from his time has left him, moving on to bigger and better things, as he remains, frozen in time, on a wall in Carlton. Sob.

What would it take to bring him back? Even just as small HD update of the classic Master System games? Is that too much to ask for this fading legend?

Thanks for sending it in Marco!


    why would they remove all but that one piece, what a shame really.

      Why remove it at all and still keep horrible looking tags around the place?

      People need to learn the difference between street art and tagging. I despise taggers but I love street art.

      Should clarify that I'm not saying you don't know the difference. Just sayin'.


      nah joking.
      Is a bit weird they left one.. someone might be putting up a new piece just next to it and didn't need the full wall?
      CTCV man :| CTCV

        it's frustrating that a lot of nice street art is ruined by the CTCV and it gets everywhere quickly. There's even theories that it's the police trying to deter vandalism.
        It's silly that they want to remove it because there are graffiti tours here, so it's actually good for tourism.
        Also there's a mushroom from Mario in an alley in Bourke street mall.

          Yeah it's the cops.

          It's kind smart, but really shit not helping anything at all. Have a look next time you're on the train, they only cap over certain pieces. They pick out people they're after. Its fucked,

    hd remake and re-release of all alex kid and wonderboy game plzkthanksbai

      I would happily buy the original Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy games off of XBLA and play the balls off of them.

        You could buy that Sega Mega drive compelation they released at the end of 2008. It has all of them pretty much as bonuses.

    Give me XBLA versions of Miracle World and Shinobi World and I will play those things until my fingers drop off.

    There used to be a huge brick wall in Springvale with a painted Terminator 2: Judgement Day poster which i guess was for the Video Shop that used to be there. Now it's full of crap in another language. (Try to guess which one!)

    You think that's cool, just down the road from me there's a huge Sonic on the wall.

    View from the street:


    It's inbetween the streets connecting Aldi and Coles in St Kilda.

      I was wondering if someone would post this one as well. Used to walk past there every time I went to work.

    Adelaide used to have maybe a dozen Commander Keen's around the place. They mostly got painted over in the last couple of years. I miss them.

    If Sega revamped him we'd get Alex Kidd turning into a wereboy and knight of the round table.

    Hey could someone please pass my email onto Marco Boncordo (Melbourne), we were friends years ago when I lived in Melbourne but I had to move back to Dublin and I lost his contact details. Kind Regards Steve Aaron (Dublin, Ireland)

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