All The Activists Are Dead In The Next Command & Conquer

If Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is really a BioWare game (and it is, right?), then we should care about its story. Storytelling in video games, after all, is a BioWare hallmark.

This is what we've got so far, from the official Command & Conquer site, run by Victory Games, which is now under the BioWare umbrella:

In the near future, world leaders are mere seconds from signing a global treaty and bringing an end to war as we know it when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the peace conference, killing all in attendance. In a world left with no politicians, diplomats, or activists, only the Generals remain.

It's up to you to assume their roles, command of their forces, and put an end to global terrorism once and for all.

Does that sound good? And, for what it's worth, does it sound potentially BioWare-y? Remember, BioWare made a Sonic game and got that to feel like the kind of choice-filled talky adventure that gamers love BioWare for.

Welcome back, General! [Command & Conquer official site]


    sounds good.
    Lets not lie i played for the skirmish and the online :)

    All the politicians? All of them?

    The Vice presidents? The opposition/shadow ministers? The state premiers?

    Must have been one hell of a conferance.

      Ending all war in the world must require a lot of man-power.

      All the senior public servants too. As a result of the number of people at that conference ALL THE WORLD'S CATERING STAFF are DEAD! It's up to YOU to assume their roles. C&C Generals 2 is actually a cooking momma clone.

    Now I understand what the Naughty Dog guy was getting at when bemoaning the state of storytelling in games.

      It's an RTS game though, hard to do good story telling in those types of games (WIC is probably the exception)

    All your politician are belong to us.

    Makes sense in the context of the first game

    All the Baldwins are dead?!?!

      All but Adam, no one can kill Adam Baldwin!

    So can we confirm that base building is back in?

    Bring back Jarmen Kell

    terrorism is a tactic, you can't put an end to it any more than you can end circle strafing. how did the world get so dumb so fast? oh yeah, thanks Dubya.

      Dubya was a symptom, not the root cause. People actually ELECTED him, you know. Twice! Well... actually only once, but let's not have that debate again...

        Yeah i meant that his "war on tourism" popularised the absurdity of a forever war against a nebulous concept. Good luck with that Team America.

    Honestly who cares about the story. All that matters is that the gameplay is good and well balanced for multiplayer.

    reminds me of:

    the president has been kidnapped by ninjas.

    are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

    The plot sounds like it was written by a 9 year old.

    So... um, it's the future and, um like, all the people in the world who like run the countries all came together to stop all war FOREVER. But, then, like terrorists come and they, like blow up the building they are in with like rockets or a bomb or something and then the whole world only has armies to like, be the leaders.

      I suspect that's the point. The Command and Conquer games have always been rather unashamedly silly. The original Generals was a little po-faced, at least comparatively speaking. I'm hoping we're going to see a bit more time-travelling, Hitler assassinating Einstein flavour this time around.

        it was also the BEST one they've ever done. No stupid aliens no stupid tall bald guy ( who was the best thing in the rest of them )

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