"Ashton" Is Not Short For "A Shit Ton", Nintendo

Internet person Aston recently purchased a Nintendo 3DS and created a Mii. Aston seems to like his 3DS. Nintendo doesn't like his name.

After entering his name, a warning screen popped up, noting that others might find the moniker "offensive". On his friend's 3DS, Ashton's name is censored and replaced with question marks.

Ashton's a fine name! It's a fairly common surname and not unheard of as a first name. Unless somebody at Nintendo of America totally hates Ashton Kutcher, I'm surprised it's blocked.

Nintendo thinks my name is a curse word [YouTube]


    Aston or Ashton? Weird that you made the same typo twice in a paragraph and spelt it correctly everywhere else. I assume it's Ashton since you mention Kutcher.

    Hilarious, I get my 3DS tomorrow, cannot wait!

    I never had this porblem when i got my 3ds.

    Fake news day?

    Oh Ashcraft, you mediocre.

    That is all.

    WHY HASNT THIS GUY BEEN FIRED YET!?? KOTAKU WTF!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!
    i am so sick of reading this shit, seriously get your act together, can't even fucking spell correctly lol its a joke


    Poor little kid his mommy, sorry Demi Moore proberly bought for him.


    Did you know the word "Bailey" is a banned term on the Xbox Live platform?

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