Nintendo’s Not So Subtle Hint To Buy New Hardware For Monster Hunter X

Nintendo’s Not So Subtle Hint To Buy New Hardware For Monster Hunter X

Video: In Japan, Monster Hunter X is out, and it’s, as expected, a smash hit. No doubt Nintendo hopes people will buy more than the game.

The Kyoto-based game company released a speed comparison between the Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS. You can play the game on either version of the hardware, but the NN3DS is so much faster.

This is an official Nintendo video. We’ve known this for a while now! But here Nintendo is showing impatient Monster Hunter players that they can shave a few seconds off load times if they will only buy a New Nintendo 3DS.

The reaction to this video has hardly been great in Japan. At the time of writing, the clip has 518 likes on YouTube and 2515 dislikes.


  • I found the New 3DS a worthy upgrade. Faster, NFC, shoulder buttons and built in CPP nub. Tidy piece of kit. Although not having one is hardly going to break your day. An extra 3-4 seconds of load time? *shrug*

    • The last example was 400% faster, or 16 seconds faster to be more exact. Those wait times can be frustrating I guess.

      • I mean, I’ve noticed the N3DS a little snappier on most fronts, but never more than 5 seconds compared to 3DS. Guess it depends on the game.

        • The other thing I noticed is that some games won’t let you open Miiverse on the regular 3DS, like MH4u, but they do on the New 3DS, just as minor I suppose unless you’re really into miiverse.

  • Dunno how it is for this new Monster Hunter game, but besides loading times, there were also better textures and frame-rate for Monster Hunter 4 on the n3DS compared to the original 3DS. That honestly seems like a more compelling argument to get the n3DS.

    • I think someone made a comparison and apparently n3ds doesn’t get a better texture with Monster Hunter X.

  • Maybe Nintendo should think it out before shoving half arsed hardware all over the place?
    Each variation of 3ds is quite clearly a “whoops, it would be better like this”

  • It was definitely a worthwhile upgrade for MH4U.
    I haven’t gone back and tried 3U to see if there’s a difference.

  • I dunno why people would dislike the video. It’s not like Nintendo lied about future 3DS titles being optimized for the New 3DS hardware. They stated when it was announced that titles from late 2015/early 2016 were going to run faster on the New 3DS system, to the point that there are going to be titles that’ll be exclusive to the New 3DS system.

    It’s just like PC. Games are optimized for the latest hardware. Why should a game be downgraded for a say R9 370X graphics card when the better R9 390X is available as the newer model with better specs?

  • How outrageous. A system with slightly better hardware performs slightly better. They should have added artificial loading times to the the game when playing on the New 3DS. It’s not like its a good thing the game can be played on both the new and old systems…

  • Why would anyone care about a comparison? Nothing seems particularly dodgy about it, it just seems like people are appropriating a general feeling of original 3DS inadequacy onto an innocent message. I’ve got an old 3DS, still play it. I don’t care, it’s all good. Seriously, can’t even come close to empathising with this perspective and i’m having a bit of a go.

    It just seems like another case of people appropriating misguided anger over thought leading to a false sense of legitimacy in one general direction (removing the responsibility to provide three-dimensional, considered explanation due to their perspective now being dubiously “verified” in their eyes by peer support) due to their initial, emotional, overreaction to the ad; uninformed by reality, education, relevant research or the application of holistic perspective and critical thinking.

    Ironic, considering where I’m reading this.

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