The Great Nintendo 3DS Race. Which One Is Fastest?

Last week, Kotaku did an unscientific speed test with the New Nintendo 3DS and the regular Nintendo 3DS. This week, you can see all 3DS consoles, including the NN3DS XL, face off. Let’s see which one is the quickest.

The above speed test shows how long it takes to boot up Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and comes via Japanese game site 4Gamer.

And here is a downloading speed test.

Appears as though the the XL is the quickest — at least, in this test.

ニンテンドー3DSシリーズ ゲーム起動速度比較[YouTube]


    • The Video has a small discrepancy in the start times but the new one way faster then the old one.

      The new one appears to be ready in about 15s, the older ones closer to 35s. It’s 20s faster to the extreme!

  • Now, I’m not going to completely disregard the video results, as they’re pretty much how’d you expect the results to be… but that start up time on the old 3DSXL; what the hell? That’s way longer than anything I can replicate on my own 3DS.

    • If they are loading off SD card, perhaps they have an ancient or lower-class card in that one rather than a fast one. SD load speed will dramatically impact load times of downloaded game. If they are all from cartridge, then yeah, I dunno.

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