How Nintendo Just Teased Japan With A Game The Country Desperately Wants

In the West, few people care about Monster Hunter. Most really do not give a flip. Japan, however, is another story. There is one game Japan seems to desire more than any right now. That game is Monster Hunter 4.

How important is Monster Hunter 4? This series made the PSP in Japan. When people outside Japan were saying the PSP was dead, the system was selling like hot cakes in Japan because of Monster Hunter. This time around, Sony doesn't seem to be so lucky.

Last September at a Nintendo conference, the concept trailer for Monster Hunter 4 was first shown. The game was announced as a 3DS title. Nintendo rejoiced! Sony probably said: "Aw, crap."

And tonight, Nintendo showed off the above image from Monster Hunter 4. It's teasing a new kind of weapon for the series — boring video game minutia. Sure, hardcore fans will care, but non-fans will probably see this as drip-fed game PR drivel. But forget that for a moment. What this teaser serves as a reminder just how powerful the Monster Hunter brand is in Japan. This is the image that Nintendo ended with! This was supposed to be the big climax.

See, Nintendo doesn't really need Monster Hunter. It has a stable of games that will make players part with their money and buy portable hardware. Sony, however, has traditionally relied on outside developers to deliver the goods for its portable system. That isn't to say Sony has made bad portable games (it hasn't), but the role of Monster Hunter in the PSP's success is undeniable. The PS Vita needs Monster Hunter — namely, Monster Hunter 4. And Sony needs it bad. But for the time being, Nintendo is just glad to have the game locked up on the 3DS. And more than happy to tease.


    The reeeal problem is Monster Hunter on Wii was the worst gaming decision I have seen in years.

    I would have bought it if they made it for PS3.

    It's also not the fact it's just unpopular here - they Market it just so incredibly poorly.

      Japan is Monster Hunter's biggest market. Things are very different over there in terms of favourite consoles.

    Pretty sure some of us would like MH here too. Maybe if Capcom tried to actually sell it here maybe?

    I think the greatest barrier I had to PSP Monster Hunter was the whole claw-hand thing.

    I suddenly realised the above line really has no relevance to the topic at hand.

    Cool comment, Bish, would post again, 7/10.

    I usually avoid a comment, but Brian.
    "In the West, few people care about Monster Hunter. Most really do not give a flip. Japan, however, is another story.

    Are you serious?
    Did you do any research or just shake the magic eightball and go with that answer.

      But you've done the research right, so share it with us and prove him wrong...


        *I* give a flip about Monster Hunter.
        There's your research right there buddy.

          sadly you =/= all, That and the fact that Ashcraft said most, not all.

          Sadly I have to agree with him, sure titles like Monster Hunter have their own little niche in the west, but compared to the east, where the Monster Hunter franchise is similar in popularity to Call of Duty, it is basically an unknown franchise here.

    I'm starting to believe that Monster Hunter ain't coming to the Vita :(...shame too considering it's perfectly suited for the Vita considering the dual analog sticks.

    I have no interest in playing it on the 3DS...the PSP version did enough to leave my hand cramped...what makes them think I'd want to play it on the 3DS?

    Oh well, here's hoping that MGS event today will bring some potential good news to the Vita...Peace Walker Sequel anyone??

      Although I think it would be kind of cool if Capcom were to bring a Monster Hunter to both the PS3 and PS Vita and allow for Cross Game Save...Imagine it, progress a little on Console, then take your save on the road with you and progress further whilst out and about.

      Make it happen Capcom

        Sega is doing something similar with Phantasy Star Online 2 when it is released on the Vita next year. If the game is released on the PS3 (which In doubt sadly) it might have the same capacity. . .

        They already did with MHP3rd and MHP3rdHD3D Edition.

    I find it amusing no-one realises that the main Monster Hunter series never actually appeared on a PSP. I always believed the Monster Hunter games Capcom released on the PSP were a different series line: Monster Hunter Freedom. I would not be surprised if soon after the release of Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS, Capcom announce Monster Hunter Freedom 4 for the Vita, Nintendo get to keep their exclusivity for Monster Hunter 4, Sony get a Monster Hunter title it desperately needs, and Capcom make even more money.

      I would be VERY surprised if there isn't a MHP4th on Vita.

      heck, the wii got a release of the second main game in Japan that came out before tri was released.

    The main problem with Monster Hunters sucess in the west is that Capcom exspects it to hold the exact same numbers as it does in Japan, when in reality Capcom has never even given the series a chance in the west. Out of the 29 different MH games (to include all systems, exspansions, kinds and spin offs) only 6 were ever released in the west. The highest sales for any of them is MHFU and lowest in relative terms being the first MH game. In comparison though to Capcoms other games here in the west (on single systems as MH is single platform) each MH game sales equal to or better than games such as Resident Evil or Street Fighter. On the Wii Monster Hunter Tri sold Beter than RE4 or any of the street fighter games. So saying their is no fan base in the west is grossly incorrect but there is a problem. Several in fact. 1: people complaining about the system that MH is being released on. MH Tri was a great game and the 3DS versions are great as well so were the PSP ones. Instead of people being upset over it not being on their favorite system they should be upset that Capcom is refusing to release it in their region at all. 2: Capcom refuses to acknowledge any sucess Minster Hunter has outside Japan and hides any sucessful sales it may have. They continually released the same repetitive games such as RE and SF that make minimal sale but refuse to release MH that has proven to make the same amount if not a higher profit (on a single system) in the west. 3: and probably the biggest problem of them all is articles like this one that lead people to believe that the fan base for MH in the west is minimal or non existent at all. That is completely incorrect. There are many wester fan sites such as in the west that had thousands of registered fans and supporters but unfortunately have their voices drowned out by articles such as this one which either don't acknowledge them as careing about Monster Hunter or don't do enough research to know they exist.

    This article is right though. Most people in the West have never heard of it. What is so hard to understand about that.

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