Brilliant NES Comic Bottles The 1980s In Comic Form


    Hahaha, I remember sharing Bubsy passwords over the phone with my friend Ben down the street. Good times.

    I miss my childhood even more now. I totally had a MyBuddy too... I'm man enough to admit it.

    I still have Mike Tyson's super punch out!!!
    Clocked it last year for the very first time. Satisfaction knows no bounds!

    Oh my god - bottom comic, far right - thats a My Pet Monster:

    I begged and begged and begged my parents for one.

    I think they even made a tv series out of it.

    Also featured is what looks like a Garbage Pail Kid and a Teddy Roxpin.

      Nope. Definitely a MY BUDDY doll.

      Yes I had one. :-P

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