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Today we received a delivery. No, a courier didn't come to the office, nor did the pizza guy. Rather, a group of Kotaku readers exploded into our head quarters, massive boxes in arms, yelling "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". We were absolutely blown away by the thoughtfulness of the gifts, especially some of the art and cards we received. Here's the organiser of the Kotaku Christmas Project, long-time reader and all-the-time wonderful person, Chuloopa, to talk about the cards.

Hey guys and gals — 'Loops here again!

Woah! What a day! So who wants to have a look at some cards? How about two amazing works of art from Sughly and Dr. What? And a REALLLY long message from Blaghman? I know I sure as heck do.

After weeks of planning and hard work, the community all submitted some Christmas cards to our cause all as part of the infamous "Phase 3". Some submitted their own cards, others were enough to allow me to create a card with their message included! So this is your first chance to check out what I've done as well! Oh the tension is palpable!!!

Three of the cards were double-sided, those of Steve-0-the-dev0, Lambomann, and myself — that's why they have two images. All cards were printed on matte photo paper at Big W and looked absolutely amazing in the end — I've had to drop the resolution on these ones, though, so I could fit them in a email to Mark... but for now, Enjoy!!!

And here are the two amazing pieces of art: Sughly:

Dr. What?

And last, but certainly not least, an amazingly long and awesome message that was too big to fit on a card from Blaghman! ——

Oh Kotaku Crew, can I call you the Kotaku Krew? No? Oh, well I guess I’d better not, I wouldn’t want to offend you, this is, after all, all for you. By now I imagine you’ve finally grasped the extent of effort to which Chuloopa went to here, and I hope you’re impressed. This is his love-child, after all. But again, I’m losing track of what’s important here, and that’s you. You know, Loops said that the artistic among us could create special cards for you, with two parts to them, an image, and a wall of text, well, they say that a picture pains a thousand words, so I guess the only choice I have, as an artistically lacking member of the public, is to write a thousand words, and a wall of text. Somehow though, I doubt that that will happen. We’ll see though.

Mark, I guess it’s fitting to start with you. You’re the reason I’m here today, you’re the reason I started commenting in TAY. Well, kind of the reason. It’s your fault you see. I’ve been reading this site for a long time, a very long time. In fact, I remember the days when Plunkett was the “Australian Editor” and KotakAU didn’t exist as it does today. Of course, I barely read it back then, but I dropped in occasionally, and over the years, the site grew, and I began to read a whole lot more. Then, suddenly, I heard from a friend “Have you heard? Wildgoose is leaving Kotaku!” I couldn’t believe it. How could anyone replace the Goose? He judged our Haiku’s, he dealt with those crazy people in TAY! I didn’t understand. I found out about you, how could this Mike Squirrels character ever hope to equal the Wild Goose? And then, just briefly, a wild Junglist appeared. In that time, I became a part of TAY. I joined the old order, those of the before time. In weeks of 400 posts, that seemed so packed.

Then you arrived. Like a magnificent, magical bolt from the blue, you turned up. There’s not a lot I can say about this. Your coming was like the return of Rocky, as he rallies to defeat his opponent, like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, fighting off the Alien Queen of bad journalism. Suddenly, you were here, and everything was okay.

Truly, words cannot describe the changes that have been wrought to Kotaku under your leadership, and I can hardly fathom the effect that the site as a whole has had on me, since I became part of it. The community of KotakAU is surely its greatest aspect, and with you as editor it has been allowed to flourish and grow, into one of the nicest places on the internet. So, Mark, a toast to you. Have a Merry Christmas, and never forget the effect you’ve had.

Elly, on to you next. I pride myself on being an observant person, I am almost certainly misguided in this, but nevertheless, I consider it an attribute. I am sure you can imagine the shock then, when I first saw your name appear on Kotaku. I had no idea who this person was, this “Elly Hart.” Who was she? What did she want with my baked potatoes? Why is the rum always gone? I’ll be honest, some of these questions have never been answered, though that may simply be due to the fact that I never ask hard enough. What relevance does this have? Well, I am not the only person who occasionally misses things. The first time I recall hearing about you, someone asked in the comments how you’d enjoyed your time as an intern at Kotaku. Yes, they had confused you for Ms. Tracey Lien. Oh the hilarity, women on the internet? Of course this couldn’t happen! I should not mock this asker so, they were only being polite, after all, I imagine that if I ever asked anything back then I would immediately have cause to regret it. Speaking of being polite, I feel that I should compliment your writing, though I am not just being polite as I say this, I do enjoy your written work, so you should really do more of it. Some kid on the internet told you so, so you have to now! Finally, in the interest of resurrecting an old joke, I never received that signed photo of you, a point with which I shall forever be sore. So, to you, have a Merry Christmas, and imagine that I say something profound here.


Amazing, everyone. Simply amazing.

xoxo — Chuloopa

A personal message from myself: I have only been here for a few months and I can't say how grateful I am to belong to such an amazing community. As a writer you're constantly wondering who is reading your work and if anyone even cares, and the Kotaku community has been one of the most engaged communities I have ever written for. So thank you for making me feel so welcome. I love my job!




    Great work everyone! Sughly's and What?'s artworks are amazing. The fact that there are so many thoughtful messages about how great this community is warms my heartz.

    Thanks Loops! The amount of work you've put into this is absolutely phenomenal. I think out of everyone here you're the most committed to ensuring we have an amazing community, and it definitely pays off. Weeks of work went into pulling this off, and it's an incredible and generous achievement.

    (I, uh, may recognise one of the pictures Steve-O used in his card. Ahem.)

    Thanks for a great year again, Kotaku crew! Hope you love the presents.

    Hopefully mine and Jimu's is the one that's not displaying ;)

    Merry Christmas Kotaku AU!

    I may not have had any hand in the above, or be a commenting regular, but by god do I appreciate the magnificent journalism and down to earth brilliance of this website. Every one of you does a fantastic and amazing job, and I hope your Christmases and New years are even half as great as your contributions to the gaming press and commentary.

    The same is also due to the community here as well, never have I come across a community that for the most part is so sensible, decent and funny.

    Thank you all, and to be doubly sure, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

    Holy wow. Between this and that other post... you guys are incredible.

    You guys at Kotaku au deserve all the thanks you do a great job. These cards look great as well.

    Also we need a Kotaku christmas carol. Get on it Mark and Tracy!!!

      We have 3!!!!!!!!
      Google Blaghman Soundcloud and prepare to be amazed!!!!

    Wow, nice work guys and gals. I really like this community, but I just don't have enough time on my hands to take part as much as I'd like. :(

    That pic of Mark from the wrasslin' comp, beetroot red, angry and shirtless never fails to make me laugh. XD

    Merry Christmas Kotaku, and have a happy new year :D. You know- whenever I don't know what to do on the internet or where to go, I don't do web searches- I just come to Kotaku 'cause I ALREADY KNOW I'll find something there :D. Well done, you journalistic people you :D :D

    Merry Christmas Kotaku =D I'm sorry I didn't also draw something but I found out quite late and there was no time for drawing D= Unless you wanted stick figure art. ^^;;

    I may be sitting outside the Kotaku community window peering in at the wonder and glory inside, but 2011 has been a fantastic year for Kotaku AU and I have enjoyed ever minute of it.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you all another brilliant new year. To both the staff and community.

    Merry Christmas Kotaku! Thanks to Mark and co for providing fantastic video game coverage all year round. See you guys in 2012! kk

    Man I really should have made a card.. that FatShady one was not of my own creation and man that'll teach me for not getting my butt into gear...

    good card though.

    This might be a dumb question, but what it TAY? I feel like I'm missing out on something here.

      Talk Amongst Yourselves, I believe:

      They're probably the only articles here that I've never actually clicked through to during my daily dose of Kotaku. Perfect subject for a New Years resolution I suppose.

      Thanks to the Aussie Kotaku team - you're doing a great job.

      And of course credit to 'Loops and the Kotaku Kristmas Krew.

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