Fewer People Get Married In Skyrim Than Finish It

What have you accomplished in Skyrim? You've probably not finished it and it's even less likely you've reached Level 50 or gotten married.

Millions of people have played this year's biggest role-playing game. Millions have gotten pleasantly lost in its numerous quests and expansive landscape. Along the way, those people have achieved many things, much of it tallied by the game's Achievement system. Let's see what people have done the most and what Skyrim goals they've avoided or failed to accomplish.

We're going to ignore Skyrim's console gamers (insert apology for implied insult here). Let's drill into the stats for PC gamers, specifically those who got the game through the Steam service. Steam tracks Achievements. It doesn't tell us how many Skyrim players it is collecting data from, but it breaks down the percentages of what they have done.

The Steam Achievements are ranked in order of accomplishment. The top ones have been achieved by the most players, the bottom ones by the fewest.

The most commonly achieved Achievement is Unbound, which is nearly impossible to avoid get. You earn it when you leave the game's first cave, a cave that births you from the game's linear introductory chapter into the open world of Skyrim. Any Skyrim players who missed this Achievement probably didn't even start the game, or shut it off a half hour or so into it. Note that 7 out of 100 Skyrim players on Steam fit this category:

The next batch of Achievements show how sharply people's progress falls off. Skyrim is an enormous game and not everyone will proceed through the same quests or even bother to keep up with the main quest. Nearly 8 of 10 Skyrim players hit level 10, which happens fairly quickly, maybe even in just during a long afternoon with the game, if you apply yourself. But attaining level 25, which took one of our staffers 25 hours, has only been achieved by fewer than 5 out of 10 Skyrim players.

Just over half of Steam's Skyrim's players bothered to buy a house.

Only 3 of 10 players wondered far enough to find 100 locations. Only a quarter of the people playing joined the Dark Brotherhood.

We're dropping into some of the rarest Skyrim feats. Since you mostly get dragon souls from killing dragons, it doesn't look like many people have managed to slay 20 dragons.

Next, take a look at the Dragonslayer Achievement. That's what you get for finishing the game. It's rare. Fewer than 2 out of 10 players have attained it. But that's more than the amount who have gotten married in the game. That's barely 1 out of 10 players.

Finally, we get to the things almost no one has done. Reaching Level 50? Almost unheard of. Becoming a Master Criminal? No one does that.

You can take a look at these Steam Achievements yourself, as they change with each passing day. Just load up Steam, go to the Skyrim section and click the option to see Global Achievements.


    Skyrim is a BIG game, and its only been out 3 weeks. Honestly, I think this article is a bit premature as quite a few of us are still happily plodding along in the game (I work fulltime so its going to take some time). Give it a few months and the results of this will probably be more meaningful.

      I agree Lucas, but having said that, it would be interesting to have this article to reference, if and when Stephen (or one of the other Kotaku US staffers) revisits this and check the acheivements, say, in 3 months time.

      Yeah exactly what I was thinking, he's talking like everyone's played as much as they're going to when that's clearly not the case, I don't think I've hit level 10 yet but I only got the game last week and haven't yet had a long chunk of time to play it.
      Check back in a couple of months and I will've done most of these.

      yea that's what I was going to say! I've played for at least 75 hours, I'm only level 30 and I'm glad I haven't finished the main story. Also, some of these are damn hard to get! 20 shouts would take aaages... Do you have any idea how irritating it would be to have 1000 bounty in your head in EVERY hold?

        *on your head

    I played Skyrim pretty hard off and on for the first week - love it. Got to level 36 or something, but haven't played it for a week and a half. Haven't been in a hurry to either. I really think for most people it's one of those games that they'll end up enjoying over time, so these results are probably a little premature.

    I'll get back to it, when I'm done with other games, life, stuff and things. It's not going anywhere, and being such a massive game, I know there's going to be plenty for me to do when I do get back to it.

    Enough Skyrim articles lately?

    This is interesting, but will be evn more so in six months when people will have had enough time to actually do everything.

    They should re-write the Unbound Achievement as 'discovered workaround for Juniper Mead crash bug'.

    Had the game for a week, I only just hit from lv6 to Lv10 in 1.5 hours last night.
    Only reason it went so quick all of a sudden is because I broke off the main quest fairly quickly. You HAVE to roam around to become stronger. It's the only way to become more skilled and it's a lot more fun hunting for some nice gear and treasures on your way to the next main quest marker.

      I only started playing the game yesterday and got up to lvl 10, lol

    Maybe once they did the constant crashes people will get further. Also, steam stops tracking achievements as soon as you use the console so the stats are inacurate anyways.

      negative commander. use alway using FOV and still get achievements

    Hundred hours in and level 33. I'm not in a hurry... But I WILL max out this character. It's just how I roll.

    I want to get Revelations out of the way before I start this. Just fired up the character generator the other day but decided to put it off until I had the free time to hit hard and really embrace the world.
    Looks beautiful, though.

    to be fair, they're all pretty easy achievements.
    On a slightly related topic, Marriage in skyrim is the most pointless and downright unromantic I've ever seen in a game. Wear a pendant until an NPC notices it? PLEASE!

      Yeah, too much like real life these days, very similar to GPS dating. http://mashable.com/2011/11/22/location-based-dating-apps/

    I've put 90 hours into the game, and I only have 22 achievements. I'll finish the main story line, but I'm in no hurry to do so. I think it took me about 9 months to finish the main story in Oblivion!

    So will definitely be interesting to use this as a comparison in a few months.

      400 Hours +

    I have the platinum trophy for Skyrim but only because I took a week off work just to play. Took me over 100 hours but I finished all the main quests, faction quests, daedric quests and side quests.

    Have stopped playing now because I can only get miscellaneous quests and there are too many other games to play.

    Seriously it depends how much time you put in. I platinum-ed this bad boy at about 93 hours the other night despite many rage 'save-restart' quits due to the sheer unplayability of it on ps3. None of them are crazy hard to get, the worst are Oblivion Walker and One With The Shadows cause they're so goddamn time consuming! They also don't take into account near game breaking bugs like Markarth City guards attacking me on sight with no successful option to bribe, submit or persuade my way out of it. Thanks Forsworn conspiracy quest!! >:(

    Makes me feel good knowing im lvl 51. :D

    master criminal? more like noob criminal, amirite?
    who would be bad enough to get a bounty in all the cities except for this achievement.

      I was thinking the same thing, I have half a million gold from just robbing people and I have never had a bounty, if someone sees you and puts a bounty on your head you aren't a master criminal.

    Only just got my copy from OzGameshop.. so these numbers are certainly premature as there are others who are yet to buy or receive their games.

    If I recall rightly I spent 80+ hours in Oblivion and never got past the Weynan Priory on the main quest (one of the first).
    I'm just a dungeon delver at heart. :D

    As most of the achievements seem to be based on quests then I dare say my stats at least wont change too much of the next six months.

    Now if they had an achievement for knocking over a cave system full of Falmers before you were lvl 10 ..... ;)

    Oh my that's embarrassing :/ I have most of these. Embarrassing for me you understand. My main, a khajiit has done all of the "main" quest surrounding Alduin and has slain 20+ dragons. He's done all of the companions', thieves' guild and dark brotherhood quests. Found all the standing stones, is level 53 with several skills at 100. Ironically I have neither "Wanted" nor "Master Criminal." I also married Lydia. I think I need a new hobby :/

    Also, I don't know what the level cap is but it seems like once you hit level 50 you level up reeeeally really slowly from then on. So enjoy your regular perks while you can!

    Actually now that I think of it the achievements are pretty lame. Why don't they have stuff that would actually be an achievement!

    Can you guys think of things that would actually be achievments for this game?

    Plunder King: Cash in a $500,000 worth of "found" weapons/armour at your local shop.

    Nuerotically Clean: Loot the heck out of five dungeons/caves/forts and leave absolutely nothing/no one behind.

    Love Child: Chase and catch 20 butterflys without killing anything in between.

    I got married to Ysolda in Whiterun at level 9!

    There's 20 shouts?!?!

    Uggghhhhh I'm never going to finish!!!

    If a thief gets a bounty in every hold that high wouldn't that make them a failure thief for getting caught, not a master thief?

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