Fifty Cops Don't Make Shoplifting $600 Worth Of Video Games Easy

On Saturday, twenty-two year-old Timothy Randall Clark was supposedly spotted in a Walmart back room stuffing video games in his clothes. The Walmart staffers didn't have to call the cops. There were already 50 of them in the store.

Like many American cities, Waldorf, Maryland has a "Shop with a Cop" program in which underprivileged kids receive gift cards, paid for by charity donors, and then shop, well, with a cop.

That Saturday, the Waldorf Walmart was crawling with law enforcement.

When Clark was in the parking lot, the Charles County officers nabbed the suspect red-handed, discovering $US635.04 worth of video games and video game accessories. According to My Fox DC, stuffed in Clark's pants and sweatshirt were 26 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games as well as two controllers and "other video game accessories". The suspect was arrested for theft.

Stealing is bad. Shame, though, stupidity isn't a crime.

Shoplifting Suspect Arrested During Shop With A Cop [My Fox DC]


    if it was we'd have to bring back capitol punishment or the tax would go through the roof

    He doesn't look mentally sound. How can you expect him to act like it?

      Please tell me what a mentally sound person looks like?

        Exactly what i thought.

        What a stupid comment to post

          Seems to be more and more rejects posting comments these days.

          My kingdom for a banhammer.

            One comment and a banhammer, Lobo? And here we are on a website that allows one to openly express an opinion on matters. You don't agree with what I thought and you want me gone. Hahaha

              I never said I wanted you banned, although your comment was ill thought out. But if you want to take it personally it probably says more about you than it does me.

              What did you mean by mentally sound anyway? We're you implying the gentleman has intellectual handicaps? Perhaps he has a mental illness? Are all people who aren't 'mentally sound' thieves?

              You still haven't told me what a mentally sound person looks like though.

                Don't get me wrong; I'm not taking this personally at all.

                More than willing to bet he has a mental illness of some sort. Nobody that is mentally sound/healthy would attempt such a thing as what he's tried.

                What does a mentally sound person look like? Nigh impossible to tell. Everyone is who they are.


          Agreed; I didn't think much there. I've made far better comments here. Hell though, let's gang up on a guy for a single comment. Let's make ourselves feel superior by insulting somebody over the internet like a Real person. Doesn't this feel Great?

            Where is this gang? You seem to assume I was governed by superiority when I was making an observation about the current calibre of comments on the site. Or are you trying to make me look like the big bad?

              Not at all. Gang = a number of people. Two people talking about how stupid my comment is.

              "Seems to be more and more rejects" not hard to see what you were calling me there.

              What is a reject to you, Lobo? Someone inferior? that would then make me answer, yes. You were governed by superiority when making that comment.

              But no, I'm not making you out to be the big bad. The comment I made wasn't well thought-out, anyone reading it knows that, I know that.

                You seem quick to judge me over a comment on 'a website that allows one to openly express an opinion on matters'

                  And you didn't do the exact same thing? No matter, I'm not the one that tried to steal 26 games + other crap in a store full of police officers. When it comes to stupidity, it's VERY hard to top that.

                  And with that, can we move the fuck on with our day?

    If he went to an EB here, he would only have to steal six games.

      Bravo Bravo! * claps*

      And only get $70 back if he planned to sell them.

      I was thinking that when i was reading it *"What he stole six games?"*

      5 actually, latelly $119 seems to be a sweet spot at EB :) i still cant bellieve up until 2 weeks ago they had Portal 2 PS3 for $109, and $89 for a used copy.

    Too bad he wouldn't be able to sell the games and could only get 100 bucks in store credit.

    Oblivion trained cops?


      Or even Skyrim trained. They can spot stolen goods that came from all the way across the country (just don't expect to know anything about a dragon destroying a village 5km away :P )

        Oblivion cops > Skyrim cops.

    How did he manage to stuff 26 games in his pants?

    And his shirt...

    What, did he have some plastic battle armour going on or something?

      This is the crucial part of the story. 26 games + 2 controllers is impossible to fit underneath a shirt, and he looks pretty skinny as well!

      Have you guys seen how baggy the clothing is that some people wear?

    I used to be able to steal 26 video games, then I took an arrow in the knee.

    Without the cases its not that much bulk to hide imo

    This one is for you anonymouse, heres a kid with 10 handguns, an uzi and a shotgun in his baggy pants

    Noobs seriously! Ain't hard to steel 26 games if you leave the cases behind with their security tags in the store

    26 games + 2 controllers = ~$20-25 per game. Was he stealing from the bargain bin?

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