Black Friday 2013: Brawls, Trampling, Shootings

Black Friday 2013: Brawls, Trampling, Shootings

To those out looking for a bargain, Black Friday can seem like the best day of the year. Which it might be. If it wasn't for all the fighting, trampling, tasing, stabbings and shootings.

Come on, America. Is a cheap TV, $99 tablet or a free pair of socks with every purchase worth all that mess? And, in some instances, violence?

Below is just a selection of some of the chaos people are reporting from this year's sales, with most predictably coming from Walmart stores.

The saddest may be from Romeoville though, where police have shot a suspected shoplifter following a botched escape that left another police officer injured.

Aftermath of what looks like tsunami. But was mob leaving #Walmart. #WalmartFights

— Stun (@TheBlogPirate) November 29, 2013


— iTweetFacts™ (@iTweetFacts) November 29, 2013

Fist fight over xBox at Jordan Creek Walmart. #BlackFriday #WalmartFights

— Jason Murray (@Murray49J) November 29, 2013

fight broke out at walmart and the ambulance had to come #phillyforya

— Jamie Coogan (@j_coogs18) November 29, 2013

I have never felt more shame for humanity than I do right now watching people in Walmart fight over a tv, Alabama bookbag & a $US14 blender

— Zach Colley (@zachcolley1) November 29, 2013



— Stackz makin hitz (@Stackztootrill) November 29, 2013

Here's a Walmart in Puerto Rico:

And here's the aftermath:

Some news stations are also reporting crazy and disturbing scenes:


    Absolutely disgusting. This kind of behaviour makes me sick.

    And Australia wants black friday specials here? no thanks!

      Our government will tax it to the point where no one will even turn up...

    What a bunch of inbreeds. Damn this consumerist society, I can picture a fat corporate dude cackling in his penthouse watching this mayhem unfold below. Actually so glad we don't have anything of this magnitude in Aus.

      I've heard boxing day in the Sydney CBD can get pretty bad, although all the pictures I've found have been of people forming orderly (but very long) queues...

      I recall seeing a certain amount of mayhem on the news in past years. Nothing like the Black Friday sales though.

        I know this has been said but it is so ironic that this behaviour takes place after thanksgiving. 'Be thankful for what you have' but only for one day.

        It could get fairly feral at times (boxing day around Australia in general) but I think since about the last decade or so, things have been really toned down.

    I saw a great quote about Black Friday earlier, but I can't find it again.
    It was something like:
    "Only in America do we give thanks for what all that we have one day, and then trample each other to buy things we don't need the next."

      Here you go.

    Poor and stupid go together like coffee and milk (with 1 sugar)

    What the hell is wrong with these people.

    They have heard of eBay right? and they get amazon over there.

    Sit at home and get it delivered right to your door

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