First Image Of Brand New Square Enix RPG. Do You Give A Hoot?

Square Enix is working on a brand new role-playing game that isn't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Pointing that out makes it sure seem like Square Enix only makes FF and DQ. It doesn't.

The new role-playing game is an action RPG and is apparently aimed at Westerners. If you are a Westerner, well, what do you think? There's an owl, a sword, a castle, and the lingering feeling that this could be a velvet painting from the late 70s.

The link below is for Square Enix's help wanted site. The Tokyo-based developer currently has something like 35 staffers assigned to the project and is looking to expand the team.

募集中 [Square Enix]


    This is relevant to my interests...

    Castlevania! Coooooooooool!

    Storyline: Van Helsing goes on a quest to kill the Cullen's from Twilight. Dracula will make an appearance as a boss - then joins your side and becomes a playable character.

    Oh so... when I heard it was a character targeting Western audiences, I was imagining something like Marcus Fenix. This is a huge relief!

    I'll play anything with an owl in it.

    Just as long as its better than the last bird-related game that got a mention on this site

    not interested... give me a good turn based JRPG instead, stop trying to make some shitty western RPG/JRPG hybrid.

      To be fair, I don't think they're going to come out with some kind of Elder Mass Scroll Effect type RPG... it's likely going to be a JRPG, but with fewer adolescent/anime type characters and probably more 'guns and boobs' or something :-P

      Though that image looks more like 'Van Helsing V.S. Harry Potter' to me ;-P haha

    Kinda reminds me of Vampire Hunter D for some reason.

      Me too, not to mention it would make a great RPG.

    No woodsy mmk.. don't touch my peepee, I'll give a hoot!

    Nice to see SE taking a risk here instead of playing it safe with FF and DQ for the past few years.

    It's a My Little Pony version of Dark Souls.

    Interesting, Interesting.

    ...I'll buy it... as long as it doesn't become FF15 during development.

    ...Oh who am I kidding, I'd still buy it...

    I like the theme, however lets hope they make a good game instead of all gloss and no substance.

    Hmm, he reminds me of Vincent from FF7...

    Isn't that owl David Bowie?

    Last time I heard Square was "making an RPG aimed at westerners," it ended up being Nier, a game I didn't play until 6 months after release and became my favourite game of all time.

    It also wasn't made by Square at all. I wonder who's actually developing this one.

    I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

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