It’s Cute That Sonic Runs Like An Idiot

It’s Cute That Sonic Runs Like An Idiot

On Friday, artist Zac Gorman thought aloud “I think it’d be cute if Sonic ran like an idiot”. He accompanied this thought with a cute little animation. The internet did the rest.

A bunch of other artists and Tumblr users agreed, posting Sonic running like, well, an idiot. And you know what? He is cute.

I’ve posted a selection of highlights in the gallery above, but there are way more that the link below.

Note: If a .gif looks all messed up in the gallery frame, click “expand” to pop it out and it’ll work just fine.

Sonic Running Like an Idiot [Tumblr]


    • Why not? would be a pretty short article without them.

      Did you click this article to read about silly sonic but not view the pictures?

  • @ Vaporeon, what exactly is wrong with this article?

    Sure I wouldn’t expect it on IGN, but the whole point of blogstyle sites like kotaku is you get both well written articles, and interesting tidbits that you wouldn’t see elseware that may appeal to only a certain amount of people. Christ almighty, if you didn’t like it, don’t click on it. Provided the article isn’t grossly offensive or asinine, what is the problem?

    • @ Awakening:

      The only reason I click these ‘articles’ is because I have to see it to believe it. I love Kotaku, but the whole US/AU merging is driving nearly everyone bananas, I’ll bet! Akra sums it up nicely; It’s mostly daft reposts of images and such when we could perhaps be seeing much, much more from the guy. Like some intellectual writing!

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