Man Spends $16,000US On A Video Game Sword That Doesn't Exist Yet

I like money. When the occasion demands, I also enjoy spending it. Apparently the above chap also likes spending money, having just shelled out $16,000 on a virtual video game sword, for a game that hasn't even been released yet.

The game is Age of Wulin, an upcoming MMO from Snail Games set in ancient China.

It seems like utter insanity — why invest so heavily on an item that has no real world value, to be used in an MMO that may or may not succeed. The fact that this is the first I've heard of 'Age of Wulin' is telling. Will anyone be playing this game a year after its release?

Couldn't he just have given me the money? I need that money for um... more games and tvs and stuff.

More money than sense: Chinese man spends $16,000 on sword for virtual martial arts game [Daily Telegraph]


      This is obviously a persepective issue. I think it would be ridiculous to spend this much, however if I had $10,000,000 I wouldn't think it was as stupid. So until I hear more about this guy and his actual disposable income I wouldn't call him an idiot.
      Either way, good on him for supporting that MMO

    Uh...yeah...idiot...*stares longingly at replica Frostmourne*

      Least the Frostmourne replica is real - this guy shelled out $16k for an in-game item.

        Yes, the Frostmourne replica is... real?

          Yeah, Frostmourne is 'real'. I meant physical, tangible - more real than what this guy paid exorbitant amounts of money for. Thak you for requiring that to be clarified.

      If you could defend your property from assailants with a sword, you can justify having it. If you can only use it in a game, and you pay 16 grand for it, you are an idiot.

    marketing stunt

      Exactly what I thought.

        and kotaku fell for it hook, line and....the other thing

          I believe "Hook, line and two smoking barrels" is the phrase you're looking for ;)

      Defs. Makes sense - get some guy who is friends with someone who works in marketing to pose as a wealthy bro who is really excited about the game and watch the page views...

    Is that the sword in the picture? It doesn't even look cool. My Ancient Nord Greatsword looks better than that and its worth fuck all.

    Bet hes hoping the game isnt a piece of shit.

    It better kill everything ingame with a single blow or else he's a complete idiot.

      I'm thinking it would be better if it were the only gun in the game. And it can blow limbs off.

    The article seems messed up as it claims he spent $16,000 Won. That is about $13 Australian dollars which really isn't a big deal.

    lmao fail 16,000 Won

    Your all calling him an idiot, yet if he liked the concept and wanted to invest in the game to help it become successful, getting a unique ingame item is fairly cool. If I invested I would love this over no acknowledgement outside of the company. Even a physical item would be worth less as its kinda hard to show the world what you did if its at home on your wall rather than in the guts of various people while your playing the game.

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