New South Park RPG Coming from Fallout: New Vegas Creators

New South Park RPG Coming from Fallout: New Vegas Creators

After the surprise success of their Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, South Park creators Trey Stone and Matt Parker are looking to conquer the video game medium next. The December issue of Game Informer reveals that development’s underway for South Park: The Game, an all-new AAA RPG console title set to hit PS3 and Xbox 360 next year.

The game’s being made by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio best known for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas. The goal of the game is to protect the titular town from various threats. Hopefully, we’ll get to face down Satan in an epic boss battle. While there’ve been South Park titles before, this new one is being characterised as not “a cash-in”. More details are Game Informer’s December issue and we’ll update as we learn more about the upcoming adventures of Cartman and his buddies.

January Cover Revealed: South Park [Game Informer]


  • This may be the first time I’ve ever been remotely interested in a South Park tie in game but its going to take a hell of a lot to turn that interest into anything resembling a purchase.

  • Fallout: New Vegas and KotOR 2 may be as buggy, but both are still damn great games. I’m not really a huge South Park fan, but I’m not opposed to it either. Will be interesting to see how it’s done.

  • /me wonders if they’ll have the V-Chip as a weapon! Upgradeable by learning new curse words right up to the penultimate.. Barbara Streisand!!

  • FINALLY! My dreams have come true.
    That is to say I didn’t hate the FPS South Park or South Park Rally. It has just been a while seen we’ve seen a South Park title that wasn’t downloadable.
    On the N64, once I unlocked all the characters and levels, I would waste hours just playing random matches, hearing the catchphrases from the characters and shooting others with underpants gnomes and cheesy poofs. I was sad when I found out the DC, PS1 and PC versions had more characters, levels and the addition of character skins in their versions than the N64 🙁

    • Yeah how can they get that wrong. Wow this site can be crap sometimes. The Australian journalists don’t screw up like this….

  • although i do love South Park, i can’t really see this working well. I’d imagine it something to be like The Simpsons Hit and Run, just with the ability to create your own character. I’m interested to see how this progresses

  • Doesn’t somebody else have to make the game first so Obsidian can make the sequel? I thought that’s how it worked :S

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