So The South Park Game Actually Sounds Pretty Great

The news that KOTOR 2 and Fallout: New Vegas devs Obsidian are working on a South Park RPG seemed...odd. It's a franchise you wouldn't think lends itself to the genre, and it is a property that's not as commercially relevant as it once was.

But hey, it got signed off for a reason, and that reason is that the whole thing sounds like a ton of time, effort and imagination have gone into the project.

The latest issue of Game Informer, which carries the game as its cover feature, is now out, meaning people have their hands on all the info from the title.

The most important pieces of info? South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have written both the script and the dialogue for the game, and also handed off to Obsidian over 15 years worth of assets accrued over the life of the show.

You'll play as a silent protagonist in an RPG that, rather than simply taking the piss out of video games, will be focusing more on the epicness of the genre. To that end there are character classes, and those classes aren't "kid, kid, kid and fat kid", they're things like Paladin, Wizard, Adventurer and Rogue.

The game will be built on Obsidian's Dungeon Siege III engine, and combat will be based around that found in games like Paper Mario, in that it's a turn-based RPG, but you can time button presses to make things more effective/interesting.

There's plenty more info in the issue of Game Informer, which should be on stands (or at least in subscriber mailboxes) now.

South Park RPG [Game Informer, via NeoGAF]


    wtf matt and trey! You give your game rights to god damn obsidian! are you fu^*$ing kidding me?!?!?!

      How dare they give it to one of the only developers with semi decent writing!

        hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Obsidian hasn't made a decent game yet. All they do is take other peoples good work and wreck it. Good writing my ass.

          This just in... Opinions are no longer facts!

          'Obsidian hasn’t made a decent game yet'

          Take note you said decent:
          Fallout : NV
          KOTOR 2

          Your move

            they are both sequels to already popular franchises....

          Neverwinter Nights 2 was average at best and buggy as well. They lost some respect when that came out.

        They write well, but god-damn are their games made shitty. And the Dungeon Siege engine would have to be amongst the worst around. This company needs to fold so the writers can go work with some competent developers.

    The more I read, the more I like -- with the exception of the Dungeon Siege engine which I thought was all kinds of clunky.

    Obsidian are a fantastic dev team these days and I'm quietly optimistic about this.

    I love that the image used for the article features not one of the main 4 boys.

    There had better be a Professor Chaos boss fight.

    ew turn based talk about snorefest. Maybe it has something to do with my ADDHD but it seriously could never find turn based entertaining.

      exception being pokemon of

        How is it that you can't stand turn based games but dig Pokemon, whose battle system is possibly the most bland example of turn based anything?

        I mean, whatever gets you going, but there are many, many turn based games that beat the hell out of pocketmanz. Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Advance Wars, Etrian Odyssey, even the Digimon games are a nice change of pace.

    I want to vanquish Mecha-Streisand! :)

    read turn based and part of my soul died...

    South Park RPG with Fallout / Skyrim engine, would have been like South Park on n64 but more epic, given that about 75% of south park fans will not have the patience for a turn based game and just mock the fuck out of it... Obsidian are morons... dont get me wrong i love turn based JRPGs as much as anybody else but this is South Park and it needs to be accessible to all audiences and Turn Based does not do that.. Take Fallout 3 as an example

    sighhhh Obsidian add this to your Killed list
    - Kotor2
    - Fallout NV

    thanks assholes

    "Jews can't be paladins"

    Can't wait!

    Hey Hey lets go kikansue..something something something protect my balls. LETS FIGHTING LOVE!

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