The Fifth RPG Class in Obsidian's South Park RPG? The Jew

Oh gawd. This is a Fox News story just waiting to happen. Obsidian recently revealed all of the classes in their upcoming South Park RPG. There's the fighter, the thief, the mage, the cleric... and the Jew.

The other classes are self explanatory, but the Jew is apparently a Paladin style character who is at his most dangerous when he is one hit point away from death.

Wow. I don't know what else I was expecting, but still... wow.

As a huge fan of South Park I'm really looking forward to this game — Obsidian has always done a great job of working on other people's IPs — even when its games are flawed, they're still worth playing! I have high hopes.


    Hahahahahahaahahhaah. Overblown media shitstorm incoming.

    don't people realise that this game is going to be a over-hyped piece of crap?

      And you know this how? Have you time-travelled into the future and played the game and know exactly how much hype it gets?

        Its South Park its destined hype goes without saying

          Hype does not equal crap. And Obsidian make awesome games. They don't always work but they are usually awesome.

            obsidian games are NEVER awesome. They take good IPs and destroy them.

              That's not COMPLETELY true.

              What about Alpha Protocol? That was their own, original IP. Which they destroyed :P

              That's garbage. The only game I can think they truely destroyed is dungeon siege 3

              And that was doomed as soon as it came out on console. Since the simplification comes from that

                As does Neverwinter Nights 2.

              Fallout New Vegas disagrees with you.

                Neverwinter Nights and Kotor 2 also admit to being shit Obsidian sequels.

                What was wrong with new Vegas played that way more than I played fallout 3

                As for KotoR 2 well any title that has a release date forced on them and has to cut content in order to satisfy the publisher is going to have issues.

                That above reply was supposed to be here.

    bahahahahahaha - pretty much exactly what you should expect.

    I'm guessing this had something to do with Cartman.

      Correct, supposedly the game open with you (new kid in town) meeting the regular crew, they start playing a fake WOW type game that eventually turns real... You talk to Cartman about what class you are going to be, the 5th class is one that is made up by him.

    As Borat said, "Throw the"- erm, perhaps I shouldn't quote that one...

    This actually fits with te humor of the series pretty well.
    Still, a devoutly-religious class that are their strongest during times of hardship?
    Sounds pretty accurate to me, and slightly complimentary.

    Not that it matters to US media, oook at the reaction to Mass Effect and five seconds of implied nudity.

    If the American/Australian/Wherever media stirs up a shitstorm about this then all that proves is they haven't watched South Park. Calling Kyle a Jew is the basis of nearly all of Cartman's communications with him. . . ever

    It sounds kind of complimentary to me. Also, other Christian-Judaic (sorry, I have no idea how to spell that word, I'm so off autocorrect won't work) classes are common: templar, paladin, cleric, disciple, magus.

    Can't be any worse than shooting giant dildos in South Park Rally...

    Oh please. This is mild for a series that, in the movie, had a song called 'Uncle Fucker'.

      And scenes from an episode where Indiana Jones was raped by George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg on the top of a pinball machine.

        Metaphorically, that's actually quite factual.

    Never been much of a South Park fan, but with Obsidian behind it this could be pretty interesting.

      The only reason to play this would be because your a South Park fan, Wanting to play something purely because Obsidian is involved leaves me to believe your a masochist. They have a long history of taking something awesome and ruining it.

    I think if the media was going to get sad about this, they would have a long time ago. The 'Jew' thing has been a running joke in South Park since pretty much day one.

      Yeah but this is in a GAME and remember that games are exclusively played by children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    The fact that they actually made a class called the Jew shows they really understand South Park.

    Can't wait.

    FYI, this looks to be a reworking of the characters/classes used in episode 6.13 "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers".

    The quote is as follows.

    Clyde: It is too far and too dangerous to go alone. Take with you the wizard, the dwarf, the warrior, the cleric, and the Jew.
    Kyle: Paladin!

      THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who remembered that ep, and the characters look to have been pulled directly from it (which is totally okay with me)

    So does this offend you if you're a Jew? I'd imagine it would. What if they made a class that offended African Americans? Would that still be considered cool?

      Depends if there was an African American character in the cartoon from day 1 or not, like there is with a Jew - and all the quips that go with it.

      Well say there was a class called token named after the token black guy on South Park called token than I doubt anyone would care, but if they made a class called nigger then yes they would care.

      I just think people should stop being so PC.

        I don't think that's a great example.
        Nigger's a racist epithet, Jew's just a race.

          Jew is a RELIGION not a race. Wow, how little do people know.

          Is Catholic a race? DUH!

      You mean if they used Token Black? Or they made the game based on the "richers" episode?

      South Park's humour is based on the idea that everything can and should be mocked. They've been doing it as long as I can remember (even the non-South Park movies and that Mormon musical) so I doubt they're going to change tact just because they're making a video game.

        Indeed every religion has taken a beating in the show. And much like the hypocrite who played chef he had no problem dishing it out until they decided to bash Scientology

    The Jew should also get bonuses to loot;

    50% more gold (or whatever the native currency is) and a 10% bonus for rate loot.


      Yay for racism. *groan*

        Stereotypes exist for a reason; they aren't invented.

        Yay for literalism and no sense of humour; *groan*

          The Jewish one happened to be because of religious laws forbidding people from running interest earning banks with people of their religion. Jews, being a minority, were able to perform that banking service for gentiles.

          And thus an enduring stereotype was born!

            Always wondered where it originated from. Interesting, thanks!

            don't forget those parts of history where Jews were arbitrarily prohibited from holding any more worthwhile positions and fell into banking because they weren't allowed to conform to the internal stereotypes of becoming doctors or lawyers or comedy superstars or award-winning scientists!

        why is that racist? it's like a Japanese character good at making swords or an Australian with..a large cattle..station?

          Jews were forced into these jobs and were expelled and massacred in part due to having them.

          I have no problem with the class being "The Jew". It's a paladin class; it doesn't relate to negative stereotypes. I have a problem with people calling Jews greedy and Muslims terrorists.

            Give it a rest would ya

      i was thinking the same as michael.


    Oh man this is gonna be a gas...........

    Oh damn.

    Why aren't all the classes funny? Like, I don't know, Chef, Ginger, 6th Grader & Towel Warrior.

      Think about it - the Jew class wouldn't be anywhere near as funny if they all were. It's the odd one out.

      Imagine Noah letting animals onto his ark...

      "horse, bear, dog, cat, Godzilla..."


      "Mothra, Raptor Jesus, Lolcat, Thundercat, Godzilla..."

      It's the odd one out - the punchline at the end.

        You did an excellent job summarising

    oh fuck yeah! And so it begins!
    This will be the next GTA as far as controversy in games goes. And I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg!
    I really hope that Matt, Trey & Obsidian fuck gaming right up the ass with this

    I'm amazed that so many people like Obsidian's work. Obsidian are like Treyarch, they both make crappy sequels of other developers IP's. I can never put my finger on just what is wrong with there games....they have all the elements of the originals yet they seem to miss the mark.

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