Now's A Great Time To Pick Up Those PlayStation 3 Add-Ons You've Been Eyeing

Have you purchased add-ons like controllers, headsets, or glowing balls-on-sticks for the PlayStation 3 in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Why would you do that? Didn't you know Sony's Play Days sale was coming?

Well you do now. Between now and January 21, Sony has teamed up with select retailers to offer their hardware add-ons for the PlayStation 3 at ridiculous discount prices so crazy that they might need some sort of funny spokesperson to communicate their value. Until that happens, we've got a generic blue logo.

How good are the deals? Well the Move Bundle I purchased two weeks ago for $US99 featuring Sports Champions and Deadmund's Quest? It's $US79 now, which means it is getting returned and repurchased.

There are plenty of Move accessories on sale, as well as controller charging bases (yay), Sony's fairly expensive official PlayStation 3 headset (down $US10 to $US89), and $US10 off an HDMI cable. That's just madness.

Hit up the link for a full listing of the deals and participating stores, and if your store isn't on the list, shun them.

Play Days: Get Up to 50 per cent Off Select PlayStation 3 Accessories! [PlayStation Blog]


    >rediculous discount prices
    >$10 discount


      Mike Fahey is funny and refreshing, I loved reading this post for his lighthearted Summer humour. Keep up the good work, dude!

    Uhm here is the best deal I can find online, and it's a black friday deal, I bought this same exact one from this site, which is amazing, just search for anything and it's dirt cheap!

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