OK, Max Payne 3's Multiplayer Sounds Awesome

People who I've spoken to at Rockstar Games have hinted to me that the multiplayer mode in Max Payne 3 is going to be something special. According to IGN impressions of the March 2012 game's competitive multiplayer, these people hinted the truth.

The point of reference IGN uses for Max Payne 3's multiplayer is Call of Duty. We'll use it, too. It's a little weird, since one game is a third-person shooter and the other is in first-person, but it works since CoD is so well-known .

Call of Duty multiplayer involves a lot of non-storyline shooting, right? Max Payne 3 multiplayer, at least in a mode called Gang Wars, is story.... procedural story... let's have IGN explain:

"A typical match, for instance, might kick-off during the calamity of a drug deal gone horribly wrong. You must collect duffle bags gorged with cash and ferry them back to safe points. It's a standard multiplayer objective but the difference comes in the next round; instead of tasking you with the same objective, the mission changes and draws upon the events of the preceding round not only to give context but motivation for the new task...

...in round two, for instance, a bounty might be placed on the head of the previous round's most lethal player. Or you might have to grab land from the dominant team. Say you successfully won the most new territory, in the next round you might have to frantically run around defusing bombs set on your new turf."

Comic scenes and voice-over from Max himself stitch the rounds together.

And then there are the Bursts. Think Call of Duty again, but maybe more clever? You're unlocking "Bursts" as you gain experience points in multiplayer. But forget about missile strikes and care packages. Leave that in CoD. In Max Payne 3 you're uncorking "paranoia", which makes your enemies see their teammates as enemies, and "sneaky" which makes your gamertag somehow "appear as friendly to the enemy team."

One more Call of Duty comparison: Bullet time. CoD doesn't have it. MP3 does, as is series tradition. In multiplayer it'll work based on line-of-sight, slowing down time for the player and his/her prey.

Go to IGN to soak up the rest and to see some more shots of the Gang Wars mode. We haven't played it, but it all sounds smart.

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has been trying to do big things in multiplayer, extending themselves beyond the comfort zone of the single-player game design at which they've long excelled. GTA IV multiplayer has remained popular, if not at CoD levels. Red Dead Redemption lassoed its share of multiplayer gamers, too. A shooter is one of the best canvases for multiplayer gameplay development and innovation. It looks like Rockstar sees that and is trying to make something special with it.

Max Payne 3 will be out in March for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Max Payne 3: Gang Wars [IGN]


    Sounds pretty cool.

    "In multiplayer it’ll work based on line-of-sight, slowing down time for the player and his/her prey."

    I hope this includes people who are focusing on either the player who triggered bullet time and his prey.

      @HH if anyone here has ever played the Half-Life multiplayer mod 'The Specialists', you'll know that bullet time can actually work pretty well in a multiplayer environment. I for one and pretty effing psyched about this so I can't wait to see what it's like...

      As for the gamertags above player's heads changing colour and friends appearing as enemies I feel like that might just be annoying, but who knows, Rockstar have proven to be able to make a good thing out of their last multiplayer outings, even if the PC versions did have to suffer through the broken-ass piece of shit platform that is Games for Windows Live.

        I'm not really doubting that it can't work. Just hoping it will work the way i said so the reward doesn't get abused by outside players.

        I did a little bit of research on the Half-Life mod in which someone said this: "When used, a bubble around the player would have its physics slowed down. Players far away would move at normal speed, but anything in the bubble (bullets, players, explosions) would slow down. "

        This is similar to what I'm saying, except in my example, snipers wouldn't be able to abuse it.

          red dead used a sort of bullettime in their multiplayer and this is another rockstar game, could be similar was more sped up bullets though than slowed down enemies

            Killing Floor has bullet time, but that's co-op. It works well.

    "...and “sneaky” which makes your gamertag somehow “appear as friendly to the enemy team.”

    aaaaaagh f*ck no.

    This happens in BF3 when an enemy player unknowingly aligns his head with a friendly in the distance. The name makes him look friendly, then he kills you! And it's FKN ANNOYING!

      To be honest though, if the oppositions uniforms didn't look partially the same as yours, it would fix that problem.

      IMO, relying on the colours above an enemies head is poor game design.

        Agreed. Games like CS don't have it and it works better. Hate seeing floating text above everyone.

        yea have gotten confused with that so many times, also flashlight with similar thing so you cant even see uniforms

    Don't, don't, (wicky wicka) don't believe the hype. Words on a page are one thing, real play another.


    Great ideas. At least they're trying something new.

    Well, I for one, am interested. *raised eyebrow nod of approval*

      Me too. Guess I'm not jaded and hipster enough for the Internet.

      Am I going to lose my Internet license?

    MY GOD...this just sounds like every other multiplayer game except with a new hat.

    shut up McGarnical

    I'll be surprised if they don't go the route the Marky Mark movie did and make Valkyr some kind of power-up that you take to uberpwn the nubs and whatnot... :-P
    *Is a Cranky old man who fully expects to die alone in a gutter with his love of the first two games while the rest of the world walks by loving this new game and its sequels*

    Maybe it's not nearly as comparable as I would think, but I expect this game to be the "Resident Evil 4" of the Max Payne series. It'll get huge praise and be a fun game and everyone will love it, but people who loved the series already will know there's no going back to the old magic. I'm a crotchety old asshole and I'd still prefer a Remedy game... but I do hope this new Rockstar direction makes a modicum of sense and isn't too far in the 'basically a GTA plot' direction.

    Here's hoping it's a good game... but I still think adding multiplayer to a Max Payne game shows that the point was missed somewhere along the way.

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