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Mark Paynopolis? Mark Paynopolis. You heard right. I'll admit, the gameplay for Mark Paynopolis seems a little... boring? Maybe? But the game still retains that quintessential bullet time motion and, well, this guy tries really hard to sell it to you. Enough that I might fork over the cash just because of that.


You press a button, and the beat drops. Forward you fly, straight into the perilous unknown, beats pushing against your eardrums as you push back against the controller. Tempo and harmony swim together in your brain, and you lose yourself in the rhythm of play.


Video games need more "Call Me Ishmael". That quote is one of the most famous opening lines in all of literature. Sure, its popularity is owed largely to being the first sentence in Herman Melville's classic novel Moby Dick. But that introduction is also memorable because you're learning about an important character from the very second you start reading.


This video starts off slow, showing you just how depressed and lifeless poor Max is, but it really picks up once some of Max's, um, "friends" come around. Max Payne's life might be full of misery, but at least the special effects are pretty awesome.


Since I don't do that much gaming on PC, I usually manage to make it through Steam sales with my bank balance intact. But for those who've been frothing at the mouth, and hopping into frequent cold showers in an attempt to avoid the kind of impulse shopping that would bankrupt Warren Buffet, I have bad news. Steam has just launched a final assault. Be strong my friends.


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