PS Vita's One Account Policy Clarified

As NeoGAF discovered over the weekend, the PS Vita allows only one PlayStation Network account per portable.

Whatever does that mean?

In a FAQ from a Vita hands-on event with the general public, the question regarding the number of accounts per system was answered as such (translation via GAF's mehdi_san): "Only 1 account. If you want to to use a different account, you need to format the system to factory settings."

Via Twitter, Sony's Brad Douglas, Sony Japan's Third-Party Relations man, clarified the issue, pointing out that the PlayStation Portable also limits players to one account. "The only difference is that Vita requires you to do a factory reset when logging into a new acc[ount]."

The PlayStation Portable, however, does not.

The reason why many PlayStation users have multiple accounts is so that they can play region specific digital titles available in, for example, the Japanese PSN Store as well as content available in their home country.

Only 1 PSN account per Vita - Cancel your preorders :( [NeoGAF]

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    “The only difference is that Vita requires you to do a factory reset when logging into a new acc[ount].”

    Yeah.... which is precisely the problem. With the PSP it's just like "Switch... Done". Now it's going to be a case of "Delete EVERYTHING on the PSV. Switch. Done." Does Sony not actually understand why people are complaining about this?

      So import the games then moron, it's not Nintendo, they're not region locked.


        inb4 But I can't use DLC!

        You can't have everything. Didn't your parents ever teach you that? People and their first-world problems....

    And I'll be buying it anyway, because it doesn't bother me at all.

    What's stopping you from buying multiple memory cards storing region specific content in each one, pulling it out before factory resetting and then put in the memory card with the regional content you want in afterwards.

      Basically this... Even IF the Vita allowed for more than 1 account, I would probably have a memory card for each regions account, that way I have all the US stuff on one card and it's organised nicely, I don't really buy much fro other regions, so it's not an impact to me. This restore factory settings is just another bump in the road.

      This only effects me in that my GF won't be able to login to her account to play games, etc unless she buys a Vita for herself, that might happen down the line, but not initially.

      This is where I feel the fallout should be directed. With families that have children, they have sub accounts, etc... handhelds are designed to be passed around and it just limits the device to something very personal and not something the whole household can use.

      Presumably everything else that isn't stored on a memory card. Presumably there is some level of internal storage on a Vita to store your PSN account details, web browser bookmarks, wifi network passwords.

      It is a bit hard to judge exactly what the effects of a reset will be until the handheld is released.

        Yes, hard to judge until it is released, but if a factory reset doesn't wipe out everything including the on-board flash, there would be serious privacy problems down the road from people buying second-hand devices.

        Or basically it wouldn't be called a factory reset if it...well doesn't leave it in factory settings.

    Meanwhile, the latest PS3 firmware update now requires you to re-download your PSP/PSVita games every time you want to put them onto your portable. You can't keep the games on the console and use it as a library manager any more.

      Just use Media Go. Problem solved.

      But yeah, That's taking things a bit too far.

      Annoying part was having to re-activate all my DLC.

    This but

    Others at the table: "Lets make a Sony portable that's downloadable content friendly unlike our massive failure with the psp and the psp go and please our fans!"
    Guy in the big chair: "NO." * swivels around in chair*
    Everyone: ". . ."

    This is lame news, but reaffirms my decision to import from the US. The only japanese games I will get I'll buy retail, but the US store has better prices and more content.

    I encourage anyone else getting it to import it from the US too (amazon, play-asia, whereever) because you'll make a huge saving in the long run, especially if the 40% discount rumour is true. And the US have games for cheaper too.

      The Vita is region free, you can import any game from any region without issues about what country the console came from, so everyone can get/find the best bargain reguardless.

      The issue is the accounts and how its going to work with downloadable content and online purchased games. If your account isnt a US one, well your not going to have access to there games/online savings. Same as japanese accounts, no access to there content/pricing.

      That 40% savings is rumoured to be for downloadable games vs retail.. if its true. So you should see that savings worldwide you would hope, but its still going to be over inflated aussie online pricing vs US online pricing.

    What does this mean for DLC?

    If I link my Vita to my Australian PSN and then import a game from the US, does that mean that I cant download any DLC for that game? (based on the fact that current DLC is region locked)

    Old (ish) but this definitely makes me not want to buy it.

    My girlfriend and I do play various games at the same time. Obviously we both have 360 accounts so we can do this on the 360, the Wii seems to allow it on all games, as does the DS.

    The only thing I can hope for is that games will support more than one "profile" - i.e. you enter your name when starting and everything is allocated that way.

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