Registrations For Melbourne's Global Game Jam Are Open!

You might remember, earlier this year, we had the pleasure of attending a Global Game Jam event in Sydney. I seem to remember a fair few people reading our report and vowing to enter the competition next year. Well, now's your chance — Melbourne's Global Game Jam event is now open for registrations!

I had an absolute blast checking out this year's Game Jam event, and was blown away by the incredible wealth of creativity on display. In many ways it was an inspiring experience. In a weird way I'm thinking about registering myself but, alas, I don't have the 'skillz'.

I'm sure some of you guys do — so you should totally register.

IGDAM Jam @ La Trobe 2012: register here [IGDA Melbourne]


    There was an absolutely brilliant write-up of the recent Queensland Game Jam on Ars Technica. Quite long (24,000 words or so) but very much worth the read:

      Yeah I loved that piece. We did a post linking to it as well. Brendan is a massively talented dude.

    Yeah, I'm lacking skillz too. That, and the four-hour drive/five-hour ride make this out of my reach.

      Same problem here. I'd go if it was in the city I could go. And I have art skillz!
      D: It sucks...

    This years was so much fun, I couldn't NOT go.
    I can't wait to see what comes out of this one.

    Sadly I'm not mad coder so I thInk I wouldn't do too well here, but does the game jam allow people to come visit and attempt to gather mad game design skills through osmosis?


      I only have very basic programming (read as next to none). They also list designer on the registration sheet. What constitutes being a designer?

    Thanks for the heads up! Just registered as a 3D Modeller ¶:Þ

    If you have any questions, feel free to find @igdamelbourne on twitter and ask away, you know, in less than 140 chars :)

      I dont think 140 Chars is enough for me to ask a que...

    did you get that header from google docs survey mode
    such as

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