Skyrim As A 1980s Cartoon

Raise your hands if you remember that weird Dungeons & Dragons cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1987. That show was clearly made to capitalise on the popularity of D&D, but I still tuned in every week with the hopes that it'd get better. It never did.

That D&D series informs this spoofy video from YouTuber Harry Partridge, complete with an annoyingly toyetic mascot and motley cast of kid archetypes. I love that they get Skyrim on an old-school 5.75-inch floppy and the obligatory "rockin' out" bit once they kids are in Tamriel. Partridge did that great Saturday Morning Watchmen video when the film adaptation of the classic Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comics masterpiece hits theatres. The same dead-on humour shows up here, making it a must watch if you're losing your life to Bethesda's hit RPG. "Bad guys beware, because it's Dovahkid time!" Indeed.

The Elder Scrolls Adventures with the Dovahkids [YouTube]


    This is great. Depicts the 80s so well for cartoons


    I'd love to see more of this made!

    Hope they go and make a full show... that would be awesome. XD

      knowning harry, sadly he never will :(

    Wow, this is absolute gold!

    The black girl automatically becomes a redguard that's RACIST. lol.

    Would love it if this was actually a cartoon, haha.

    The D&D cartoon was awesome you fracking thicko.


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