Skyrim Meets Minecraft, Results Exceed Expectations

Let's pretend, for a moment, that the court battle between Skyrim's owners and the developers of Minecraft never happened. And that instead of fighting each other, they got together and made a sweet, sweet video game. About blocks. And blocky dragons.

This isn't some cheap piece of Minecraft machinima set to Skyrim's score. It's an animated trailer of the highest order, complete with cinematic camera angles and special effects.

Skyrim Meets Minecraft of the Day [TDW]



    Skycraft sounds better

      Sounds like a knock-off of Starcraft tbh.

        The Creeper Scrolls V: Rimcraft?

          The elder mine :skycraft?

    "Made with Blender. Bethesda and Mojang please don't sue. :P"
    Love it.

    This makes Minecraft look even better, if that's even possible to do.

    3D dot heros

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